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Research and development of CAPP man hour quota system based on PDM


man hour quota management is a production technology and production organization under the conditions of vigorously promoting project construction and implementing the specific actions proposed by Yuncheng municipal Party committee, such as reform and preemption, development at the forefront, and first-rate work. It is an important basis for cost control and evaluation of economic benefits within enterprises, and an important content of process design, It is also an important part of reasonably organizing production enterprises to implement modern management system

at present, there are some mature man hour quota calculation auxiliary software suitable for metal cutting, welding, heat treatment and other types of work in China, which solves the problem of man hour quota calculation to a certain extent, but most of them are only an independent module, and the information cannot be shared and updated in time. The consistency of quota data is not effectively guaranteed, and the efficiency of data use and reuse is low, which does not meet the requirements of enterprise informatization. Moreover, the current man hour quota standard lags behind the development of enterprise productivity, resulting in the application level of computer-aided technology in the formulation and management of man hour quota lags behind other work fields, and has become the "corner" of enterprise informatization. Therefore, how to further improve the data consistency and information sharing of the man hour quota system is an important link in the production process management of enterprises

therefore, this paper proposes a CAPP man hour quota system based on PDM. Through the product structure configuration function of PDM, the consistency of man hour quota data is guaranteed, the efficiency of data use and reuse is improved, and the information integration and information sharing with other systems are realized, which provides an effective guarantee for more reasonable production organization and quota allocation

1 overall design of the system

1 1 structural design of man hour quota system

this system is based on the developed CAPP system, and the part information data can be directly obtained from the process information database of CAPP system. The man hour quota system mainly includes man hour quota calculation, man hour query summary, data management, report generation and other modules. Its structural framework is shown in Figure 1

1.2 calculation method of man hour quota

in manufacturing enterprises, the formulation of man hour quota involves not only the production cycle and production cost of products, but also the production task arrangement of workshops and the accounting of workers' wages. There are six commonly used methods for formulating man hour quotas: ① empirical estimation method; ② Statistical analysis method; ③ Analytical calculation method; ④ Analogy and comparison; ⑤ Chart calculation method; ⑥ Technical determination method. In view of the limitations of these methods, combined with the actual situation of enterprises, this paper comprehensively applies the modified analytical calculation method and technical measurement method, so that it can calculate the actual man hour quota more accurately

in PDM based information management, the information of man hour quota is closely related to the product structure tree and process information in CAPP system: first, the formulation level of man hour quota is exactly similar to the management level of product structure tree, which is divided into three levels: product, component and part. Secondly, the classification of man hour quota information of specific parts corresponds to the process types of parts one by one, and the sequence of man hour quota information of each process type of parts is based on the sequence of processes in the process. Therefore, the calculation of man hour quota can be carried out in the sequence of work steps, processes, parts, components and products

the operation calculation in the calculation of man hour quota includes the calculation of basic time and auxiliary time. In this paper, analytical calculation method and technical measurement method are used to calculate the working hour quota of working procedure. The key of analytical calculation method is to establish the mathematical model of the required calculation process. Considering the different process conditions of the enterprise, in order to make the calculated results conform to the reality as much as possible, we design an adjustment coefficient on the basis of the general calculation formula, and the value obtained by multiplying the obtained process time by the adjustment coefficient is the actual process time. The default value of the adjustment factor is 1. The person making the work hour can modify, delete, add and save the adjustment factor according to the actual situation. In this way, the system not only has the universality of working hour quota calculation, but also reflects the pertinence

for machining, the time quota of a single piece is based on the basic processing time t, assisted by the auxiliary time t, the time of arranging the work place t, the time of service, rest and physiological needs t, and the time of rest, preparation and termination t is quasi final. The calculation formula of single piece time quota is as follows:

in the formula, K is the adjustment coefficient, and N is the number of pieces per batch. Because the quasi final time is the time for preparation and completion of each batch, the quasi final time allocated to each part is t quasi final/n

for the calculation of basic processing time, Pangang Group shut down Xichang new steel, Chengdu Steel Vanadium and other subordinate subsidiaries before and after 2016, and selected the corresponding calculation formula according to the processing type. Based on the calculation of working hour quota, the working hours of parts, components and products can be calculated as needed and uploaded to the corresponding management system. According to the above analysis, the calculation process of man hour quota is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 man hour quota calculation process

implementation of man hour quota calculation system

2.1 man hour calculation module

according to the above man hour calculation workflow chart, this man hour quota system is based on the developed CAPP system, using visual studio2005 Net and SQL Server 2000 developed a man hour quota system module based on c/s mode. The man hour quota calculation interface is shown in Figure 3. When the user selects to calculate the work quota, the system will first automatically display the products that have not been subject to the work quota. When the user selects one of the products to calculate the work quota, the system will appear the work quota calculation interface. This interface mainly includes the following parts:

① part basic information part

dynamically display each part of the product through the tree control, select the part to calculate the man hour quota, and its basic information includes part number, product number and processing technology. Different process information is obtained through sequential selection, which provides a basis for calculating the man hour quota. The basic information of this part is directly obtained from the process files of CAPP system, which reduces the repeated input of user information and the error rate of input information

② basic machining time information part

dynamically display various cutting methods through the tree control to retrieve the corresponding formula for calculating the basic machining time, formula description, and standard cutting parameter description and symbols. According to the input parameter value, the step processing time and process processing time can be automatically calculated and displayed in the base wood processing man hour quota

③ determination of quota data of auxiliary working hours

auxiliary time includes the time spent in auxiliary actions such as loading and unloading workpiece, operating machine tool, trial cutting and measuring part size. The formulation of time varies with different types of work and steps. It is formulated one by one with reference to the process design manual on the basis of field testing. The user selects the required value, which can be retrieved from the standard database of the system. After completing the required selection, the system automatically adds the auxiliary time and transmits it to the man hour quota calculation module

④ determination of other man hour quota data

work service time t: it is mainly the time spent in taking care of the work place and maintaining its normal working state, such as lubricating machine tools, cleaning chips, cleaning tools, etc., which is generally 1-7% of the process time. Rest and physiological need time t rest: mainly refers to the time specified by the staff to recover physical strength and meet physiological needs. Generally, it accounts for about 2% of the next sequence time

2. 2 man hour quota statistics summary module

man hour quota statistics mainly includes man hour query of any product, component, part, process type and statistical calculation of all kinds of total man hours. It also browses the summarized information and prepares for the generation of reports. The module extracts the previously calculated operation time and accumulates each operation time to calculate the working hour quota that users want to get. Users can choose the processing time of the process, parts, components and products to be counted according to their needs, and display it in the corresponding box, and can import the results of data statistics into the corresponding database, or export the search results to excel for summary report making

2. 3. The man hour quota management module

man hour data management provides users with some database-based data query, data addition, data deletion, data modification and other functions to maintain the basic database, including man hour calculation formula table, man hour equipment management table, auxiliary schedule, etc. In order to ensure the security of the system, users are classified, and users enter the system according to the set permissions. System managers can perform all operations, such as adding, modifying, and deleting data; Ordinary users can only query data. When logging in, the user must enter the user name and password, so that the operations done by each user after logging in will be recorded in the diary

2. 4 working hour quota system and PDM function integration module

CAPP working hour quota system based on PDM is built on the platform of PDM system to realize the unified management of working hour quota data, ensure the sharing and consistency of data, and improve the management level of enterprises. The main technology of integrating man hour quota system with PDM is based on Web service. Develop and realize business integration

3 conclusion

combined with the implementation process of manufacturing informatization and aging experiment of a lifting machinery Co., Ltd., a PDM based CAPP man hour quota system is developed. The implementation of the system provides a basis and method for enterprises to reasonably formulate man hour quotas, and realizes that man hour quotas based on product life cycle are more popular in overseas markets It has played a positive role in improving the scientific management level and production management efficiency of enterprises. At the same time, the system has good maintenance and operation performance, which makes the system easy to transplant and further popularize. (end)

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