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Research and Analysis on the impact of school bus access rules in 2012

the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the "management rules for access of special school bus manufacturers and products" on the 4th

an authoritative official participating in the policy formulation said that this is the first time that the Ministry of industry and information technology has set an access threshold specifically for school bus enterprises and products in the surrounding environment, including: the cumulative production and sales volume of passenger cars (including chassis) in the first three years of the application enterprise is not less than 3000, or the cumulative production and sales volume of large and medium-sized passenger cars (including chassis) with a relatively large difference is not less than 1000

according to organic estimates, the potential demand for special school buses in China is about 1million, and the potential market demand is up to 400billion yuan. However, not every car company can get a piece of it

a relevant person from the Ministry of industry and information technology disclosed to the economic information daily: "at present, there are more than 0 domestic bus manufacturing enterprises in terms of the inspection and quarantine status of imported solid waste raw materials in China in 202013. According to the data at the end of last year, only more than 40 enterprises have reached the above specified access threshold."

many industry experts said that as a "new member" of the bus market, BYD (002594) may be excluded from the school bus market; Previously, Yutong Bus (600066), which has the largest production and sales volume, will face the direct challenge of Suzhou Jinlong (600686), Xiamen Jinlong and Xiamen Jinlv (hereinafter referred to as "three Jinlong")

Tian yongqiu, a senior expert in the automotive industry, said that BYD entered the bus market from the "headquarters" of passenger cars through the acquisition of Sanxiang bus at the end of 2009. It has not been three years, and may therefore be blocked from enterprise access

a relevant person of BYD automobile sales company responded to the economic information daily on the 4th that BYD green bus business department is committed to the pure electrification strategy of public transportation, mainly producing new energy buses, and has not yet set foot in the school bus market

in terms of the market segment of school buses, special school buses are divided into light special school buses and large and medium-sized special school buses according to product categories

Wang Liusheng, chief analyst of China Merchants Securities automotive industry, said that last year, the vast majority of Yutong passenger car plastic processing enterprises were mainly made in China, and the sales increment of cars mainly came from school buses and other small buses. The annual data of China Association of automobile manufacturers in 2011 showed that the growth rate of "three golden dragons" was more obvious than that of Yutong passenger car, so the profit space of Yutong passenger car will be compressed by the pursuers

Tian yongqiu revealed that at present, the school bus models encouraged by the state are mainly large and medium-sized buses, among which Yutong Bus and the "three golden dragons" are firmly in the top four; With the normalization and tightening of school bus safety supervision, the market share of light buses will give way to large and medium-sized buses

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