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Inner Mongolia photovoltaic filing management measures issued to support photovoltaic enterprises

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region recently issued the notice of the development and Reform Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the implementation of League and city filing management of solar power generation projects in our region to support the development of photovoltaic industry in the region

according to the obtained documents, the competent Energy Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region evaluates the construction conditions and power consumption according to the annual scale indicators issued by the state to the autonomous region, and decomposes the annual scale to each league and city. The autonomous region will focus on the first generation of all plastic engines to arrange high-tech solar power projects with demonstration and promotion significance, give priority to solar power projects in areas with good operation, and give priority to solar power projects of solar power equipment manufacturing enterprises settled in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

the notice stipulates that projects that are not included in the national annual construction implementation plan will not enjoy the national renewable energy tariff surcharge

the notice also stipulates that the solar power stations in the annual construction and implementation plan of each league and city must be projects that have been filed and have obtained the review opinions of the power enterprise intervention system; In areas where the scale of solar power stations put into operation in each league and city in the current year is less than 80% of the total scale of the registered projects in the approved annual construction implementation plan of the region, no new registered projects shall be added, and the autonomous region will not arrange new construction scale indicators for the region in the next year; In principle, the filing system for solar power generation projects is valid for two years, and the reselling behavior in the process of project implementation is severely cracked down

the notice points out that 1. In the environment with low room temperature and relative humidity, the relevant policies on the filing management of distributed solar power projects in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will be notified separately

according to the "opinions on soliciting the construction scale of photovoltaic power generation in 2013 and 2014" previously obtained by great wisdom news agency, in 2014, the construction scale of distributed photovoltaic power stations in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was 100000 kW, and the construction scale of large-scale photovoltaic power stations without light abandonment and power restriction was 400000 kW

according to our understanding, the photovoltaic listed enterprises located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are mainly Zhonghuan shares

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