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The first in China! Atlas all steel flagship store, a brand of Linglong tire, opened grandly

the first in China! Atlas all steel flagship store, a brand of Linglong tire, opened grandly

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on May 29, Atlas all steel products Henan press conference and the first atlas all steel tire flagship in China welcomed the opening ceremony of the industry's second spring store (Zhengzhou store) simultaneously. After the full debut of atlas products, the experimental curve can be recalled and the completion of the first all steel flagship store in China shows the strength of atlas tires in promoting product research and development, brand development and deep cultivation of channel construction. It also represents that atlas tires has embarked on a new journey of expanding brand influence and strengthening store layout

atlas all steel product press conference and Zhengzhou flagship store opening ceremony

Wang Feng, chairman of Linglong tire, together with many leaders and technical experts of the company, representatives of China logistics society, many leaders of logistics and transportation industry and various media, participated in this ceremony, witnessing another milestone in the development history of atlas

vice president of China Logistics Association, executive president of Henan Federation of logistics and purchasing Bi Guohai, member of the "14th five year plan" expert committee of Henan provincial government, delivered a speech

Xing Tianwei, general manager of the commercial representative office of FAW Jiefang Henan made a speech

Geng Kaixue, chairman of kunqian daotong logistics made a speech

Wang Feng, chairman of Linglong tire made a speech

Wang Feng, chairman of Linglong tire, and Geng Kaixue, chairman of kunqian daotong logistics cut the ribbon for the opening of Xiangshi flagship store

Professional flagship store layout, As a high-end brand from the United States, atlas has a development history of nearly 100 years. In 2017, atlas was officially listed in China. After four years of development, it now has more than 600 passenger car tire stores across the country. This is due to the internationalization of atlas brand given by Linglong tire. 2 is the R & D team to improve life-saving technology and safe return technology, intelligent production equipment, digital fine management, scientific and technological test platform, global supply system, differentiated sales mode and professional brand construction layout

atlas all steel products Henan press conference

the establishment of atlas all steel flagship store is a signal that atlas brand will deeply cultivate the market and empower channels in the all steel field. At the same time, Zhengzhou atlas flagship store reflects atlas' high-end and professional brand image in terms of store size, store environment, hardware facilities, product services and other aspects. Next, Atlas will take Zhengzhou as the hinterland to build the network layout of atlas commercial vehicle tires in Henan Province and even the whole country, and promote the creation of a more diversified integrated service store for atlas in the field of commercial vehicles

atlas all steel product promotion

at the atlas all steel product Henan press conference, the high-end truck and bus tire Yuanhang series, Yufeng series and green pioneer series products displayed by Atlas will be sold in the national strategic market in succession, and are committed to creating a cooperative model of material flow and collaborative development, mutual benefit and mutual promotion of the tire industry

in the future, Atlas will also continue to devote itself to product research and development, improve product quality and enhance brand influence. At the same time, we will continue to cultivate channels, work together with dealers and enabling stores to create a win-win development model integrating factories, merchants and stores, jointly promote brand development, and help create a versatile automotive aftermarket store with more comprehensive functions and better services. The branches and leaves are in a stalemate to jointly seek the development of atlas brand, and make concerted efforts to create new brilliance in the tire ecological chain

group photo of event guests

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