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Sun chasing photovoltaic parallel inverter has obtained the "golden sun" certification

3 The samples should be cleared before each experiment. On July 15, Hubei zhuiri New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. received the solar energy product certification certificate issued by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). Therefore, the photovoltaic and inverter products of zhuiri new energy company obtained the CQC golden sun's wide range of speed regulation, which is the first material technology in Hubei Province

golden sun certification is the authoritative certification of China's solar photovoltaic products under the leadership of the national certification and Accreditation Administration Commission and with the support of the national development and Reform Commission, the world bank and the global environment facility to establish China's solar photovoltaic product certification system project. Products passing the certification are allowed to be affixed with the golden sun certification mark. In addition to the recognition of the domestic market, the golden sun certification has been widely recognized by the world bank project

before that, the photovoltaic inverter of sun chasing new energy passed the safety and performance index test of Shenzhen electronic product quality testing center. In early July, the expert group of the Beijing headquarters of the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) conducted a factory inspection of the product. Through consulting documents, records, such repeated exchanges with department heads, on-site product consistency testing and many other inspections, the expert group finally agreed that the factory inspection was passed and a certificate was issued

the acquisition of the golden sun certification marks another big step forward for sun chasing new energy in the field of photovoltaic core technology, and also lays a solid foundation for further expanding the market in the future

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