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Northeast photovoltaic "gold mine" urgently needs to be explored

"at present, the distributed photovoltaic market in Northeast China is still in the undeveloped" Northern Wilderness "stage and is still in a sleep period." Tanghongbin, President of GCL new energy Northeast company, believes that the development outlet of northeast photovoltaic market has arrived

in the "guidance on the implementation of renewable energy development planning" issued by the National Energy Administration in 2017, it is mentioned that the new PV installation scheme is 3.2gw in Heilongjiang Province, 1.7gw in Jilin Province and 1.5gw in Liaoning Province. By 2020, the three eastern provinces have a cumulative planning and target of 10.9gw. As of the first half of this year, the existing PV installation capacity in the three eastern provinces is less than 3.1gw, and there is at least more than twice the growth space in the local market in the next three years

favorable policies help northeast energy transformation

as a former old industrial base, northeast economic revitalization and energy transformation have become a hot spot of national concern in recent years

"look at the central policy from the top and the world trend from the bottom." Xu Dingming, counselor of the State Council and former director of the Energy Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission, believes that in the future, energy resources will be diversified and energy sources will be localized. The energy transformation in Northeast China needs to explore ways suitable for local development in combination with the actual situation

although there is a huge market, the data recently released by the National Energy Administration shows that in the first half of this year, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces added only 240000 kW of distributed photovoltaic

in fact, Northeast China is rich in light resources. It is understood that most of the solar energy resources in the whole northeast belong to class II relatively rich areas. Among them, Heilongjiang solar energy is mainly concentrated in Qiqihar, Daqing and Suihua; The whole solar energy resources in Jilin province belong to class II areas. The annual average radiation of the lighting resources in Jilin Province and Liaoning Province ASTM d4595 (1) 986 "geotextile and its related products wide strip tensile test method" reaches 5000mj/m2

from the central government to the local government, a series of favorable policies are pushing the Northeast photovoltaic market into the fast lane. In November 2016, the State Council issued the opinions on several important measures to further promote the implementation of a new round of Northeast Revitalization Strategy and accelerate the stabilization and improvement of the economy in Northeast China, clarifying the development direction of new energy in Northeast China and increasing support for the photovoltaic industry in Northeast China. Not only that, the three northeastern provinces have also issued their own support policies, such as the provincial subsidy of 0.15 yuan/kwh in Jilin Province; Liaoning province implemented a subsidy of 0.3 yuan/kWh for projects completed before 2012, and then decreased by 10% annually; Heilongjiang Province strives to complete the 500MW distributed photovoltaic installed capacity by 2020

distributed, "leader" is the direction

how to develop northeast photovoltaic? Wang Sicheng, a former researcher and professor of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said: "the problems of China's photovoltaic industry are mainly manifested in market space, arrears of subsidy funds, light abandonment and power rationing, and distributed problems. The development problem of northeast photovoltaic industry is that the planned installed capacity is not large, and the subsidy problem has not been solved."

Wang Sicheng suggested to focus on distribution. He said, "what are the main factors of building performance and accuracy? Building roof photovoltaic for self use has no policy risk. We only need to have the spirit of craftsman and control quality and cost, which is the basis for the development of distribution."

according to tanghongbin, the available roof area in Shenyang alone in the three northeast provinces is more than 10million square meters. With less and less PV installed on the roof in the Middle East, the development of distributed PV in the Northeast will become the mainstream trend in the future

since the launch of the photovoltaic "leader" plan in 2015, there has been no "leader" in the northeast region. Now, it will focus on participating in or promoting the planning and application of the leading and surpassing project base. At present, the projects to be declared include the planning of photovoltaic leader base in simeicheng, Heilongjiang Province (Organization Declaration), Qiqihar renewable energy comprehensive application demonstration zone, Daqing renewable energy comprehensive application demonstration zone, Baicheng photovoltaic leader base planning (Organization Declaration), Songyuan photovoltaic leader base planning (Organization Declaration), Jinzhou photovoltaic cutting-edge technology application support base Fushun photovoltaic leader base planning (organization and application)

the climate in northern China is cold, and most soil layers have different degrees of frost heaving. Li Qinwei, director of the consulting office of Jilin electric power planning and research center of PowerChina, said: "in addition to reflecting the progressiveness of technology, we should also highlight regional advantages, try to use wasteland, strengthen pre communication, in-process reconciliation, post inspection of mountains, barren slopes, saline alkali land, oil field idle land and other land resources, and highlight the themes of land ecological comprehensive utilization and photovoltaic poverty alleviation, so as to build a Northeast 'leader' base with regional characteristics."

although the optimization standard of photovoltaic leader technology has become more stringent, due to the advantages in the utilization hours of photovoltaic power stations, land costs, electricity prices and investment environment, many investment enterprises expressed confidence in winning at least one "leader" base in the northeast region

According to statistics, the proportion of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises in Northeast China is as high as 50%, and a large number of industrial enterprises can provide high-quality roof resources for the development of northeast distributed market. At the same time, as the main grain base in the country, the agricultural economy is developed, and there are many available construction sites such as land, which have obvious advantages in the complementarity of agricultural light and forest light. In addition, Northeast power is relatively perfect, the construction of access system is relatively complete, and it has a certain consumption and delivery capacity, which undoubtedly lays a good foundation for Northeast photovoltaic to enter the fast lane of development

Liu Yang, chairman of national photovoltaic, believes that in terms of distribution, there are many state-owned enterprises in the distribution area in Northeast China, which are basically heavy industries, and the power load is relatively stable and concentrated. If roof photovoltaic is built, or after the power reform is gradually promoted, power can be supplied by partition wall, and the power consumption capacity in the region is relatively strong. At the same time, the design load capacity of plants in the northeast is larger than that in the south, which is more conducive to the erection of photovoltaic

"the development level of the whole northeast photovoltaic market is low, and it needs to be vigorously developed, but it is not rash." Wang Sicheng suggested, "the photovoltaic indicators in the whole northeast region are less, such as Jilin is only 1GW, so it is recommended not to touch large-scale ground power stations. In addition, the subsidy quota of 'photovoltaic +' projects also needs to be queued up. In the case of unclear national policies, it is still necessary to develop rationally before there is natural wear and tear in the application process of mechanical equipment."

although the design, materials and equipment selection of photovoltaic power stations in high and cold regions have particularity, whether the financial and financial support can be in place in time also needs to be considered. How to develop and make profits of household photovoltaic still needs the joint exploration of policies, enterprises and people, but the dawn of the Northeast photovoltaic market has emerged

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