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The new regulations have been issued to prevent more than one Haikou OTC drug from changing into "new clothes"

according to the Southern Metropolis Daily, careful Haikou citizens will find that recently, many drugs sold in some pharmacies in Haikou have been changed into new packaging, such as Gankang, Kuaike and other brands of cold drugs, the common name compound paracetamol and amantadine is highlighted as the main name on the packaging

the State Food and Drug Administration issued new regulation No. 24 last year, requiring that from October 1 this year, when new materials are one of the top 10 industrial chains that Changzhou focuses on building, all pharmaceutical enterprises must use new packaging when producing drugs, and similar drugs must be marked with the common name (referring to the name of the main chemical components) on the outer packaging. The printing area of trademarks and trade names shall not be larger than the common name, otherwise they cannot be sold on the market. The drug trade name shall not be written in the same line with the general name, its font and color shall not be more prominent and prominent than the general name, and its font shall not be greater than half of the font used in the general name in terms of single word area

today, I saw in many drugstores such as Nansha road and haixiu road in Haikou that many of the drugs sold in these drugstores have been replaced with new packages. For example, in haixiu Luyuan Anlong pharmaceutical supermarket, the cold drugs of Gankang, Kuaike and other brands have been replaced with new packaging, and nearly 10 kinds of compound paracetamol and amantadine of different brands are arranged on the counter. Some drugs without new packaging were produced before the national day of this year

according to some pharmaceutical enterprises in Hainan, the replacement of drugs is conducive to creating a good pharmaceutical sales environment and standardizing the pharmaceutical market, which is good for enterprises and patients. However, the new packaging of drugs has also brought certain losses to the enterprise

many citizens of Haikou welcome the renewal of drug packaging. Miss Wang said that in the past, when buying cold medicine, the pharmacy had more than 10 kinds of products, more than one medicine, which dazzled people with a young and lively image. What if you want to get accurate test data now? Let's take a look at the cause of the vibration of the universal testing machine. Although we are not familiar with the name of compound paracetamol and amantadine, we can compare the prices of different brands of cold drugs before buying, and we can also avoid repeated purchases. (Luo Xia)

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