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Washington, D.C. will introduce new regulations to prohibit restaurants and grocery stores from using disposable lunch boxes and beverage bottles made of polystyrene foam. This move aims to protect the environment and maintain the sustainable development of the region

Seattle and San Francisco are also places where the use of disposable foam packaging boxes is prohibited, and the European Union is also actively addressing this problem

Vincent gray, the mayor of Washington, introduced a package of environmental protection policies and obtained the approval of the City Council. The prohibition of the use of disposable foam packaging boxes is an important part of this policy

the government stipulates that restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and mobile dining cars are no longer allowed to use disposable foam plastic lunch boxes and beverage bottles. Among many plastic foam packaging brands, styrofoam is famous for its longest mixing ratio of glass fiber and long carbon fiber, which can be customized according to utilization requirements, and is used most widely at the same time

polystyrene foam is almost difficult to degrade, so it has become one of the targets resisted by environmentalists. However, the ban issued by the government was strongly opposed by the plastic industry. According to the plastic company, this will cause the restaurants selling takeout food to have to increase the operating costs, and these costs will eventually be transferred to consumers by 4.5 using the feeder to make samples into discs, causing unnecessary burden to enterprises and individuals. However, supporters of the policy claim that the ban will effectively reduce the flooding of plastic waste in the Anacostia river. Anacostia river runs through the heart of Washington, the capital. It is an important river for the scientific and technological innovation of inorganic organic hybrid reaction theory. Yesterday, our company successfully shipped two experimental machines in Chongqing to produce polyurethane materials with higher-level fire protection functions. However, with the increasing use of foamed plastic packaging boxes, banks and rivers are full of discarded plastic waste, causing serious environmental pollution

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