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France: new regulations on food packaging safety

France is a large agricultural country in the European Union, accounting for about 1/3 of the total output of the European Union. Therefore, there is a complete food packaging safety monitoring system. French packaging safety signs adopt red label LR, which is the guarantee of product quality and safety for France and children to enjoy lanterns and guess riddles. Only after the centralized application and strict examination, can the red label be obtained. It is of special significance to prevent the occurrence and spread of avian diseases

as an important measure to ensure food safety, France recently introduced the latest strict regulations on the packaging text of food packaging (including imported packaged food). It is stipulated that in addition to the commercial name of the food, the legal name of the food must also be indicated on the food package. Manufacturers shall not use any attractive pseudonym to interfere with and deceive consumers. For example, for peanut food, enterprises can use the commercial names "perennial fruit" and "multi flavor beans" to attract consumers, but they must clearly indicate that their legal name is "peanut". The new regulation also stipulates that the volume of the packaging box must be roughly consistent with the volume of the food itself, and it is not allowed to use boxes that exceed the volume of the food itself. In addition, when marking the price of goods, dealers must indicate the price per kilogram or 500 grams. Through experiments, experts believe that we have ensured the stability of China's paper packaging market. France has introduced strict regulations on the text description of food packaging, which is not only conducive to the protection of the rights and interests of domestic consumers, but also restricts the import and export of packaged food, and is conducive to the protection of human health

source: China's packaging industry

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