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The new revolution in the history of paper industry

with the improvement of people's quality of life and the enhancement of health awareness, the role of paper is expanding. Paper products have not only "settled" in street stores from hotels and restaurants, but also entered ordinary people's families with great pride, and are rapidly becoming one of the indispensable consumer goods in modern life. Its production and consumption are increasing at an annual rate of 8%, which is expected to reach more than 2.88 million tons by 2000. People concerned believe that China's household paper market has great potential

paper packaging is becoming fashionable.

replacing plastic packaging and bag packaging with paper packaging has become a new fashion in the packaging market. People attach importance to environmental protection, so that paper packaging has become the leading product in the packaging market, and there is a great potential to gradually replace plastic packaging products. It is reported that the pace of replacing plastic with paper has affected China's international trade business, because all kinds of products packaged with plastic in a physically dispersed state and polymer are discriminated against or excluded in international trade. A chemical plant in Shijiazhuang exported phosphoric acid to Europe, but it was rejected by the foreign party on the grounds of environmental pollution because it was packed in plastic bags. In order to adapt to the international trend, China's packaging industry is adjusting the types of packaging products, and the policy of replacing plastic with paper is also being formulated. Since July last year, plastic tableware was not allowed on railway passenger cars, and all of them were replaced by paper fast food tableware. According to people in the grain packaging industry, paper packaging bags will gradually replace cloth bags, gunny bags and plastic bags. The material for making paper bags is a kind of flexible paper bag, which is 1.5 times stronger than ordinary paper. A paper bag filled with 25kg flour is composed of four layers of flexible paper, which can fall freely from a height of 1.5m for 15 times without damage. The outstanding advantages of paper bag packaging of grain are non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, which meets the national food hygiene standards. Moreover, paper bags have better sealing performance than cloth bags, which can prevent flour from leaking out and dust from invading. Under the same conditions, the shelf life of grain packaged in paper bags can be extended by 2-3 months

paper furniture has unique charm

due to the increasing shortage of wood resources in various countries in the world, coupled with the increasingly stringent requirements of social development on environmental protection, and at the same time, in order to meet the functional requirements of the above three experimental machines for consumer novelty and differentiation, foreign manufacturers have developed a strong interest in paper furniture and began to use recycled paper to develop a variety of paper series furniture. Now domestic enterprises have introduced paper furniture from Japan. In a department store, rows of paper furniture are very eye-catching, and its shape and color are similar to furniture made of other materials. These furniture are serialized, including paper tables, paper chairs, paper drawers, paper cabinets, paper stools and paper beds. They are simple in design, bright in color, and as comfortable as wooden furniture when used. Paper furniture is light and easy to handle. It is made of super strong cardboard, and its surface is covered with hexenyl coating. Therefore, although paper furniture sounds very special, its hardness is by no means a problem. An employee of a company selling "furniture that does not damage the ecological environment" said that the load of paper chairs they sell can reach 600 kg. As for the paper bed, people sleep on it comfortably and freely. As long as they don't jump on it, there will be no problem, and it will never affect the use. Paper furniture is very practical and cheap. Its price is only 1/3 of that of ordinary furniture. In addition, paper furniture can be easily "stripped and peeled" when it is old, which is convenient for disposal, and can be recycled and reproduced 100%. Paper furniture has attracted consumers since its first day on the market

daily paper market is the largest. With the improvement of residents' quality of life, household paper has become the first choice for some housewives. In their view, using paper tableware is convenient and easy, and it can be thrown away immediately after use. It reduces the labor of washing dishes and dishes after eating, and more importantly, it is hygienic. According to the survey, the per capita annual consumption of toilet paper products in China has increased from 0.5kg in 1994 to 1.5kg at present, and the demand has increased rapidly. However, compared with the consumption level of more than 10 kg per capita in developed countries, there is still a big gap, so the development potential is huge. The market share of napkins and high-grade toilet roll paper has expanded rapidly and will affect the service life of the driver. In 1996, napkins accounted for 12% of paper products; Among toilet paper, medium and high-end products account for about 6%

first, the number of women's sanitary napkins on the market has increased. Sanitary napkins make those women who come to the period smile. The penetration rate of such products among women of school age reached 38% last year and is expected to reach 50% by 2000. According to the survey, the actual average annual consumption of sanitary napkins for school-age women in China is about 180 pieces. According to the number of people in 1995, the potential market demand in China is about 59.4 billion pieces. At present, the annual consumption is only about 22.5 billion pieces, which still has great market potential. In order to meet the growing demand for this kind of forward-looking materials, the new wing type sanitary napkin will become the leading product in China's sanitary napkin Market in the future. Paper diapers and diapers sell well in big cities

second, paper diapers, paper underwear and other paper products are also the only good scenery here. Young parents are no longer worried about washing diapers and drying "ten thousand flags". Those various paper diapers have strong water absorption and are easy to use, which can make the baby reckless. According to the survey, the sales volume of Beijing alone reached 48million pieces in 1996, with an annual growth rate of 25%. According to statistics, there are about 50million babies and elderly people over 80 who need diapers every year, with an annual demand of 200billion tablets. However, at present, the prevalence of paper diapers in China is less than 1%, which is far from the utilization rate of more than 50% in developed countries. It can be seen that this market has great development potential

III. paper cups, cartons and paper dinner plates are favored by urban residents. Paper bowls, paper cups and other "touch mouth" paper products show a strong momentum. According to the rapid growth momentum of China's beverage and ice cream production, the sales market of disposable paper cups will continue to be optimistic. It is estimated that at present, the annual demand for paper cups in China is about 2billion, and the annual demand for disposable fast food boxes is about 4.6 billion. Due to the gradual prohibition of high foaming plastic fast food boxes in China, paper lunch boxes, as one of the substitutes, have a good market

the division of labor of paper products is becoming more and more detailed

nowadays, fewer and fewer people use handkerchiefs. Many people just use them as decorations, rather than really wiping things with them. Instead, bags of napkins became necessary. But napkins are not everything. If you really care about them, you have to prepare different papers. You can never confuse what you wipe with what paper

nowadays, computers, discs and other "delicate" things are very common. If such items are wiped with ordinary paper towels, they are easy to leave marks. If they are maintained with special paper towels, they are much safer. There are many kinds of special paper towels, including paper, VCD paper, computer paper, glasses paper, lens paper, etc. According to the product introduction, in addition to the common cleaning functions, there are other functions such as sterilization, odor removal, anti fog and so on. Each piece is packed separately, with 20 pieces and 40 pieces in each box, and the price is more than 20 yuan. In addition to the article wiping series. There is also baby specific paper for babies, which is suitable for babies' delicate skin because of its special softness and comfort. In addition, there are makeup removal paper, deodorant paper, etc. Deodorant paper is especially suitable for use in summer. It is reported that it will leave a faint fragrance after use to cover up the unwelcome taste of the body itself. In addition, paper clothes and trousers, paper hats, paper socks, etc. have a special preference for people who have been away on business for many years; The emergence of paper sheets and paper pillows has reduced the burden on hotel, train sleeper and other staff; The entry of paper products into hospitals has brought good news to doctors, nurses and patients and solved difficulties...

in recent years, paper products have developed rapidly, showing more varieties in front of modern urbanites and a faster speed to enter families. Paper products continue to show new development, opening up new areas of the market. The booming of paper products is called "the new revolution in the history of paper industry" by experts. (Duwen)

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