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The new regulations on food labeling in the United States and Britain must attract the attention of export enterprises

recently, new progress has been made in the labeling rules for agricultural products and food hygiene in the United States and Britain. The United States issued the final regulation on mandatory country of origin labeling. At the same time, the British Department of agriculture also took action to plan to improve the visual display content of food nutrition labels

United States: mandatory country of origin labeling is implemented for some pre packaging

the final provisions of the mandatory country of origin labeling in the United States require mandatory country of origin labeling for pre packaging of cut meat, ground beef, chicken and mutton, pork, wild and artificially cultivated fish and shellfish, perishable agricultural products (fresh and quick-frozen fruits and vegetables), ginseng, peanuts and other products from March 16, except for ingredients in processed foods. At the same time, put forward product record keeping requirements for retailers and suppliers

UK: food companies and supermarkets must mark the DSM of food - the true source of profusion technology

the UK Department of agriculture also plans to improve the visual display content of food nutrition labels, requiring supermarkets and food enterprises to mark clearer information labels on food products produced or sold, and calling for clearer labeling of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, total fat, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, sugar Content and unit of dietary fiber and calcium nutrients. (nutrition labeling is not mandatory in the EU.) As early as January 6 this year, Hilary Benn, the UK environment secretary, said that food companies and supermarkets must indicate the true source of food, and companies should clearly indicate the country of origin of the original ingredients of the product on the label, rather than the final place of production

Japan: the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and Fisheries of Japan announced on December 25 last year that 81 enterprises had been exposed this year (from April 2008 to March 2009) for forging food origin and other violations of the Japan agriculture and forestry specification law. Among them, the use of bamboo shoots and eels made in China as domestic products is particularly prominent, highlighting the lack of understanding of food safety by enterprises. After the exposure of the Chinese poison dumpling incident in January, the demand for domestic food in Japan increased, which became one of the factors leading to the frequent occurrence of counterfeiting incidents in food producing areas. At a time when a large number of overstocked people in China's food inventory are mainly in the well, there is a shortage of domestic food, so some food enterprises choose the origin to fake. This move should be paid enough attention by enterprises exporting to Japan. The panel assembly industry is facing considerable market space by identifying the country of origin on the standardized label

the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded Chinese enterprises to regulate the labels of exported food

in order to prevent the United States' mandatory labeling of the country of origin and the nutritional labeling requirements of the United Kingdom from having a negative impact on the exported food, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded that in the face of the continuous revision and improvement of the United States and the United Kingdom, and even the intention to build technical barriers to food labeling, enterprises should pay close attention to the new progress of labeling regulations while keeping good product export quality, Regulate the labels of exported food, especially the labels of special nutritional food, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by unclear, incomplete and untrue labels, and ensure that products are exported to overseas markets. It can be predicted that product labels are increasingly becoming the focus of attention of all countries. Having clear and complete label content is one of the key factors for smooth export of products in the future. Inspection and quarantine reminds enterprises to pay attention to the development of the situation and actively take measures to deal with it

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