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A number of new regulations will be implemented from June

from June, a number of new regulations will be implemented, there will be laws to govern the commercial flight activities of UAV driving, the registration of foreign capital will be "handled in one mouth", and China's first English proficiency evaluation standard will be implemented... From June, a number of new regulations will be implemented, there will be laws to govern the commercial flight activities of UAV driving, and the registration of foreign capital will be handled in one mouth, The implementation of China's first English proficiency evaluation standard

there is a law for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles

there is no applicable standard for the operation and supervision of unmanned aerial vehicles. Recently, the Department of transportation of the Civil Aviation Administration officially issued the measures for the administration of commercial flight activities of civil unmanned aerial vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the "administrative measures"), which took effect on June 1

the management measures are applicable to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles with a maximum empty weight of more than 250 grams to carry out aerial spraying, aerial photography, experimental aerial photography with a full cross-section of steel, performance flying and other operational activities, as well as the training of UAV pilots

the administrative measures clearly stipulates that four basic conditions should be met to obtain the UAV operation license: the main body engaged in business activities should be an enterprise legal person, and the legal representative should be a Chinese citizen; The enterprise shall have at least one unmanned aerial vehicle and complete the real name registration in the registration system of Civil Aviation Administration of China with the name of the enterprise; Have the training ability recognized by the competent department of the industry or its authorized institution; To insure unmanned aerial vehicle ground third party insurance

According to the requirements of the State Council, from June 30, the business filing and industrial and commercial registration of foreign-invested enterprises will be handled in one port throughout the country

one-stop processing can be summarized as one connection and two simplifications. One connection refers to connecting the information systems of the local commerce department, industry and Commerce Department and market supervision department to realize the data sharing between the two departments; Two single means that foreign-funded enterprises or foreign investors fill in a single form by logging in to the single window on the stations of local industrial and commercial and market supervision departments. The whole process is paperless, zero meetings, zero charges, saving manpower, material resources and time costs

Wang Shouwen, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, said that one-off management is actually a relay measure of reform in China's management policy of attracting foreign investment. The commerce department changed the case by case examination and approval to record, supplemented by examination and approval. The number of enterprises on record accounted for more than 97% of the total number of foreign-funded enterprises. The one-off management will work hard in the key link of introducing foreign capital

implementation of the first English ability evaluation standard

China's first English ability evaluation standard, the China English ability rating scale, recently released by the Ministry of education and the State Language Commission, was officially implemented on June 1

according to the empirical data of Chinese English learners' ability, the scale divides learners' English ability from low to high. How should spring testing machine manufacturers choose? There are 3 stages of basic improvement and proficiency, with a total of 9 levels

as the core task of the construction of foreign language evaluation system, the formulation of the scale aims to provide a scientific ability index system and an accurate ability scale for all kinds of English examinations, so as to play the role of measurement and balance. The multi-level index system makes the examination design more reasonable. It will play a positive role in improving the quality of the examination, promoting the docking of domestic and foreign examinations, promoting multiple evaluation, feedback teaching, and continuing to develop these polymers and other high-end polymers

in addition, from June 1, car Hailing will be included in the taxi service assessment system

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