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New retail brings about new changes in the retail industry. How can LED screen enterprises show their skills

in the past two years, the concept of "new retail" has swept all industries with a prairie fire. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to shopping, and pay more attention to the experience and feeling of using biological granular fuel as a substitute for non renewable resources in the consumption process. In traditional retail stores, merchants will use posters to promote and market products. With the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, the improvement of consumption ability and the diversification of brand competition means, static advertising has not been able to effectively attract the attention of consumers. In order to change this situation, many businesses have introduced LED display screens to stores, through which products and brand publicity are dynamically displayed. Stores have also greatly deepened because of the brand shape of LED display screens, which covers an area of 1923 mu, and also increased passenger flow

in recent years, with the proposal of new retail, new retail will bring about a revolution in the retail industry. The retail industry has ushered in a new era of retail. What will the arrival of the new era of retail mean for LED displays? How can screen enterprises take advantage of the new retail trend

1. New retail will create an incremental market for the LED industry.

the concept of "new retail" was put forward by Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma * at Alibaba cloud habitat conference in 2016. Now this new concept has been widely recognized. The industry generally believes that consumption upgrading has promoted the rise of new retail. Market analysis predicts that new retail sales will maintain a high-speed growth rate with an annual compound growth rate of more than * in the next few years, and the overall market size will reach 1.8 trillion yuan in 2022, which will become an important driving force for the sustained growth of consumption

for traditional physical retail, build beautiful stores and shopping centers, and give customers experience with high-quality products, polite service, environmental space, lighting, Meichen placement, etc. However, such scenes have been over "commercialized" for decades. Experience the same, for consumers, it is increasingly less attractive. Therefore, the scene building with LED large screen as the display terminal is beginning to be liked by more and more people. In addition, with the development and improvement of small spacing and the acceleration of the integration with red shape, VR, AR, 3D, human screen interaction and other technologies, LED display technology can better give play to its natural advantages such as seamless splicing and creative modeling in the new retail field, and will certainly become a real favorite in the new retail field. As Jobs said, "you are always looking for technology based on the business scene", if you want to further develop the LED display in the new retail field, you also need to improve the product according to the terminal demand of the market

2. The future development trend of the display screen under the new retail scene

the innovation of the terminal display scene under the new retail scene in the future should take "planning, interaction and experience" as the main demand, graft more cross-border elements into the scene, meet the emotional needs of consumers for personalization, but due to the distribution of a very uniform sense of planning, enrich and diversify their experience, and form a new business space and air. The LED screen has become a window to exchange customers' recognition of the value of shopping malls and products

first of all, the real-time live interactive experience is the realistic path for LED display products to intervene in new retail. In fact, our booming LED display industry has already begun to strengthen the sense of interaction between the screen and the audience in the form of digital interaction, and has created many successful cases. For example, McDonald's uses the real-time data of the Meteorological Bureau on the LED large screen to make weather forecasts in combination with its own products. Another example is the LED display with AR fitting function, as well as many "scanning" LED large screens to play games, watch live broadcasts, and so on

secondly, LED display products with data collection and analysis functions are an important demand for new retail. Using advanced data technology and accurately delivering to the audience can make LED display products more intelligent and humanized. In view of this, now many manufacturers have begun to launch LED display products or solutions with data processing functions, such as installing detection and recognition systems on LED large screens, and through detection and description of accurate crowd portraits, specific data can be obtained through analysis. Some cloud platforms can even calculate the attractiveness of the advertisement to the audience according to the audience's stay time around the LED screen and the average time they focus on advertising

from retail to new retail, there is not only a word "new", but also new sales scenes, new connections between merchants and consumers, and new display technology. In the future, retail stores will no longer be just a storefront, but like an art museum, allowing people to enter a multi-dimensional world. What people enjoy is not just shopping, but shopping has become a dual enjoyment of material and spiritual. "New retail" is a new revolution in the retail industry and a great opportunity for the LED display industry to open a new era of art in the field of innovative retail display. The new retail east wind blows, and conventional LED display products have been difficult to meet people's needs for a sense of experience. In the future, only led display manufacturers who continue to innovate and pay attention to the experience of end customers can truly fly in the east wind of new retail

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