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The new regulations on the management of life insurance seek public opinions, focus on combating misleading sales

the China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued the provisions on the management of the operation of life insurance business (Draft for comments). Life insurance marketers are not employees of insurance companies. For a long time, companies have paid attention to the performance evaluation of marketers but neglected their service quality management, resulting in some marketers' lack of sufficient constraints in product promotion, interpretation of terms, signing process and other aspects, and misleading consumers in violation of regulations. The draft for comments highlighted the strengthening of the management of insurance companies

insurance salesmen are not allowed to hold product description meetings in the name of individuals or marketing teams

some salesmen often use "bonus instructions" with the company logo to attract customers. In fact, these exaggerated materials are printed by branches or by marketers without contract effect. In view of this, the exposure draft clearly stipulates that the sales promotional materials should be uniformly and centrally printed and managed by the head office, and the provincial branches should obtain the authorization of the head office when printing and distributing them. With the development of the experimental machine industry, the production of experimental machines has moved towards the scope of chemistry, and other branches and intermediary agencies at all levels should not design, print or change the sales promotional materials

there are many "grass-roots teams" gathered by marketers in insurance product introduction meetings and wealth fraternities that have gone deep into residential communities, and the insurance company is unaware of it. The exposure draft clearly stipulates that salespeople should not hold product description meetings in the name of individuals or marketing teams, and insurance companies should establish a file material management system for product description meetings, and file materials such as the time, place, organizer, presentation courseware, publicity materials, number of customers attending the meeting and signing conditions for future reference. The storage period of materials should not be less than 3 years

many marketers do not have the ability to sell complex insurance products, which often leads to insurance disputes. For comments, the power supply can be cut off before shutting down with windows; Turn off the oil pump and make the oil cylinder fall to the bottom. According to the draft, insurance companies should provide special training on laws and regulations, business knowledge, sales skills, integrity education and other special training for salespersons of investment linked insurance and variable annuity insurance. Anhui Lishi Power Technology Co., Ltd. was approved by Anhui Industrial Design Center; Four invention patents were added. In addition, in order to ensure that customers have "authoritative channels" to obtain information related to insurance products, insurance companies should publicize and post the "benchmark content of life insurance insurance application tips" at the company's stations, business sites and affiliated agents

insurance sales disturbing residents once became a hot social issue. On the basis of stopping marketers' private calling before, the exposure draft requires insurance companies to use professional call equipment when building their own call centers or using the call centers of cooperative institutions. If the customer clearly refuses, they should enter the list of prohibited calls and should not call again within half a year

insurance companies should establish monitoring and self-examination systems for sales

in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the exposure draft requires marketers to provide customers with relevant materials in addition to insurance forms and standard terms in the process of marketing and signing bills: selling personal long-term life insurance products, more and more enterprises are also joining the team of sandstorm prevention and control, and should explain the right and time limit of hesitation period to customers; When selling new life insurance products, explain the contents of product instructions and tips to customers; When selling health insurance products, it should explain the difference between fixed payment and expense compensation, whether there is deductible and disease observation period, and make necessary explanations for the medical terms

some consumers reported that after the company that had previously insured called for sales, the premium was deducted from the bank account, but whether they agreed or not was groundless, and the complaint was fruitless. The exposure draft clearly stipulates that insurance companies should establish a monitoring and self-examination system for sales. If the premium is collected through bank deduction, if the customer is no longer confirmed in writing before deduction, the customer should be clearly informed that the recording is the basis for deduction

the maximum penalty for institutional violations is 30000. Experts believe that the punishment for the person in charge is "not tough enough"

ZHU Minglai, a professor of the Department of insurance at Nankai University, pointed out that the draft for comments has more specific and operational provisions on the marketing link, but it has less ink on the operation of insurance companies, and there are inconsistencies with the previous relevant documents. Is it a cross relationship or a substitution relationship? Explanations should also be made. For example, for the number of insured people of group insurance, the exposure draft clearly stated that "more than 3 people", but the previous document stipulated that "more than 5 people". "The threshold for the number of group insurance participants should not be too low, which is not in line with the financial principle of group insurance discount, and will cause moral hazard in the operation and disrupt the market order."

the exposure draft stipulates that marketers have their licenses revoked twice for violations, and insurance institutions will be fined up to 30000 yuan for violations. Zhu Minglai believed that the punishment of the person in charge of the institution was "not harsh enough" and could not play the role of learning from past mistakes. "Accountability should be strengthened, such as disqualification of senior executives, industry notification, etc."

the exposure draft stipulates that "if the amount of insurance payment is related to the degree of disability of the insured, it should be clearly agreed in the insurance contract". However, there is no unified standard for the classification of disability levels of personal injury, which makes many policyholders unable to get compensation after accidental disability. In this regard, Zhu Ming called for the early integration of relevant supporting systems and regulations. People people

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