The hottest new regulations on housing demolition

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At 2:20 p.m. on March 29, the delegates attending the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 10th Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress in the Great Hall of the people in Zhejiang Province showed serious expressions and filed in. Although the temperature outside has reached 28 degrees Celsius, the media colleagues who came from all over the country also arrived early, and they said with a smile, "everyone is to witness the historical moment"

at 3:20, the draft decision of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress on Amending the regulations on the administration of urban housing demolition in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the draft), which was highly expected by the public, was finally passed, and the dust of the "overhaul" of the regulations on the administration of urban housing demolition in Zhejiang Province, which had been implemented for more than five years, was settled - and the day before the vote, there were also concerns that the "new regulations" could not be passed

at this meeting, the "draft" held an on-site vote, and the vote counting screen showed that the rate of affirmative votes exceeded 91% because there was no lower price component B in a single component

the most obvious breakthroughs in the draft are people's livelihood issues such as "the main body of the demolisher", "the price evaluation of the demolished houses", "the minimum guarantee of demolition and resettlement". In the item of "the price evaluation of the demolished houses", the current regulations stipulate that the monetary compensation amount of the demolished houses shall be evaluated based on the benchmark price determined by the government. The energy measurement range of the drop hammer impact testing machine 300j can be tested by method a, method B, and method C, However, the draft proposes to add provisions such as "the appraisal benchmark price shall be determined by the real estate appraisal institution after selecting more than three comparable examples from similar real estate on the Plateau according to the transaction price, and the transaction situation, transaction date, regional factors and individual factors are corrected"

"(《 draft 》) is in line with the reality of Zhejiang, and it is reasonable to pass it. The previous concerns are unnecessary." A person from the Construction Department of Zhejiang Province said in an interview with China business news yesterday that with the rapid development of the real estate market and the large increase in the number of demolition, the contradiction between the demolishers and the demolishees has become increasingly prominent, and the current regulations can no longer meet the actual needs in some aspects, "Especially in terms of market price compensation, in the previous survey, the masses' demand for the same method of verification is very strong. Therefore, this amendment should be in line with the public opinion and the pricing is more scientific"

Zhejiang's move is not the first. As early as September 29, 2006, the 23rd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 10th Shandong Provincial People's Congress passed the new "Regulations on the administration of urban housing demolition in Shandong Province", which was implemented in a low-key manner in December of that year. Compared with the "draft" of Zhejiang Province, the regulation not only stipulates that the demolition compensation shall be based on the market price of newly-built ordinary commercial housing, and the compensation and resettlement area shall be increased for the relocated people who are lower than the standard of housing poverty relief, but also puts forward the law for "barbaric demolition" for the first time

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