The hottest new rice is an eye opener

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The new rice is an eye opener

maybe in a short time, the rice you eat can cure many of these diseases. A few days ago, the author visited the China Rice Research Institute in Fuyang, Zhejiang Province with Jiang Taiwei, director of the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province. The new rice is an eye opener

the incidence rate of gastric cancer in Chinese is particularly high, and Helicobacter pylori is one of the culprits. Researchers from the China Rice Research Institute said that they are studying to cultivate a new variety of rice. This transgenic rice contains a substance that can kill Helicobacter pylori, which is conducive to the prevention of gastric cancer. In addition, rice varieties that can prevent and treat diseases such as diabetes are also being studied and cultivated. Dr. Cheng Shihua, director of the China Rice Research Institute, said that functional rice is a key research area of the Institute

among the many rice varieties being studied by the Rice Research Institute, a kind of rice that can grow without gravity has aroused everyone's interest. According to reports, this kind of rice can grow in a weightless environment. Relevant researchers imagine that if it is sown on the international space station, the scientists of the space station can be self-sufficient

the treatment of rice straw is very troublesome. If it is incinerated, it will cause environmental pollution. Now, researchers at the China Rice Research Institute have found a good way to kill more with one stone. The author saw that there was no difference in appearance between the two bundles of rice that had been heading in the pot, but when we suddenly grabbed one of them, we were surprised that the bundle of rice was suddenly broken. This bunch of rice is particularly fragile and breaks when it is folded, while the traditional rice stalk is difficult to break because of its many fibers. It is reported that the protein content of this crisp rice straw has increased a lot and can be used as feed

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