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New regulations escort express packaging to the road of environmental protection

with the increasingly developed purchase, the express industry has also taken this ride and developed rapidly. However, problems such as excessive packaging, overflow of express waste, resource loss and environmental pollution are also becoming increasingly prominent

recently, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) and the National Standards Commission of the people's Republic of China (SAC) issued a series of newly revised national standards for express packaging products, which supplemented and improved the relevant aspects of the original standards according to the requirements of reduction, greening and recycling, among which the content of green environmental protection attracted attention. The new national standard clearly proposes that biodegradable plastic should be used in express packaging bags to reduce white pollution; It also reduces the quantitative requirements of express envelope paper, the thickness requirements of plastic film express packaging bags, and the quantitative requirements of air cushion film express packaging bags and plastic woven cloth express packaging bags

friends: supporting standardization and recycling

youhuifei fish is a shopping expert who spends a lot on a shopping platform every month. During the double 11 last year, half a year's salary was spent on shopping. Sometimes more than 20 express deliveries can be received a day. Unpacking express delivery is a pleasure, but the remaining cartons and plastic bags are often stacked on the ground. Although cartons can be sold, they are usually thrown away. Youhuifei fish said that if the packaging bags can be reused, waste and pollution can be reduced

according to the calculation of the State Post Office, more than 1.5 billion parcels were generated during the double 11 in 2017. If we conservatively calculate according to the usual standard of 0.2kg per packing box in the industry, 1.5 billion express deliveries have produced at least 300000 tons of garbage. Although some e-commerce logistics enterprises launched shared express boxes and recycled packaging bags before the double 11, they are far from meeting the actual needs

Jin Jinghua, director of the policy and regulation department of the State Post Bureau, said in an interview earlier that for every 1 percentage point increase in the use of express envelopes that meet the requirements of the new national standard, 6400 tons of paper products can be saved, which means that a lot of wood will be saved; For every 1 percentage point increase in the use of express packaging bags that meet the requirements of the new national standard, 4200 tons of oil can be saved

you hujianbing believes that the new express packaging standard issued this time clearly puts forward the basic modulus size of express packaging boxes, which can standardize express packaging and promote the reduction and recycling of packaging

Enterprises: hope to grow green from the source

on the 4th, I saw at the Shunfeng express point near TA tou Road, Jin'an District, Fuzhou that staff were sorting the mountains of express delivery in an orderly manner and putting them into woven bags

Ms. Chen of the public affairs department of Fuzhou Shunfeng Express Co., Ltd. said that the woven bags used for express sorting in the early days could not be used after one transfer. The woven bags used now are environmental friendly materials. This index can be used for more than 10 times by selecting 20 stocks as constituent stocks from the insurance industry and participating insurance listed companies. With the development of express delivery, packaging is also constantly innovating. The company has started to use green packaging earlier, and the packaging materials currently used are biodegradable environmental protection materials. Ms. Chen said

according to a staff member surnamed Lei from another express branch in Fuzhou who did not want to be named, the full realization of green and environmental protection of express packaging cannot rely solely on express companies. At present, the composition of express packaging is multifaceted, and we must start from the source. Take e-commerce as an example, 60% - 70% of express delivery is directly packaged by e-commerce enterprises and merchants, and then delivered to express delivery enterprises

some e-commerce enterprises are also actively exploring and trying to achieve green express packaging. For example, a platform guides consumers to reuse express cartons. After purchasing these green packaging materials or reusable packaging boxes, consumers can get points reward. After accumulating a certain value, the platform can plant a tree for consumers in the western region in their own name. It is reported that this activity has driven the planting of more than 100000 trees during the double 11 in 2017 alone

Niu Zhijing, the person in charge of green action of rookie, said that green logistics is a systematic project, which can not be completed independently by a platform or an enterprise. It requires the joint efforts and responsibilities of the government, express delivery enterprises, businesses and consumers

experts: all links should jointly promote the green development of the express industry

Niu Zhijing said that promoting the green development of the logistics industry requires the common attention and exploration of the whole society. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there is a low ability of independent innovation, and there are few types of advanced and personalized special products. Businesses should actively use environmental protection packaging materials to turn green from the source; Producers should carry out technological research and innovation to further reduce costs and enable more consumers to achieve green consumption

Lian Jie, director of the Logistics Department of Fuzhou Institute of foreign trade, believes that consumers should strengthen their green awareness, advocate a green lifestyle, and enhance the national consensus on environmental protection

Lian Jie pointed out that sellers can take environmentally friendly packaging as the highlight of products, promote the concept of environmental protection to consumers, strengthen the publicity of green packaging, and encourage users to participate in packaging recycling and the use of green packaging

Lian Jie believes that the green development of the logistics express industry involves manufacturers, sellers and consumers. When the government promotes the market application of new materials, it can give manufacturers certain subsidies to reduce the cost of using new materials for new packaging. In this way, all links can be more willing to promote. Lian Jie said that the promotion of new packaging materials is essentially a low-carbon and green commercial promotion, which also needs market inspection

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