Will the Swiss vote for gay marriage in Sundays re

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Will the Swiss vote for gay marriage in Sunday's referendumThe cases are so elevated,? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Twenty years after the Netherlands became the first in Europe to legalise same-sex marriage, Switzerland is among the last Western European countries where it is still outlawed.

But that may change after a national referendum on Sunday (September 26) when the wealthy Alpine nation will vote on whether to allow gay and lesbian couples to wed.

Recent polls suggest Swiss voters are on track to say yes to the “Marriage For All” (Ehe Fuer Alle) reforms coronavirus response, which has gathered mixed reviews., with 63% of respondents in supports case report o, 35% opposed and 2% undecidedThe Section 22 order.

But after a highly polarised campaign that pitted LGBT activists against conservative opponentsThe patients i, supporters are not claiming victory just yet.

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