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The "modified polyurethane, epoxy resin series lotion and water-based Wood Coatings" jointly researched and developed by Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd. and South China University of technology on September 2, 2004 has recently passed the provincial new product achievement, and brands can be identified from the insqin cooperative manufacturer plan, The fire-retardant transparent nitrocellulose paint, a fire-retardant coating developed with nano powder, also passed the provincial scientific and technological achievement appraisal in early June

as a leading enterprise in the domestic paint market, garberry has provided a new idea for domestic peers to compete with international giants by strengthening scientific research and development to improve its competitiveness. It is reported that the production of its new products will create an annual income of hundreds of millions of yuan

waterborne wood coatings are widely used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States because of their low content of volatile organic compounds and low environmental pollution. However, because the water-based resin or lotion used in China mainly depends on imports, the product price remains high, coupled with the low hardness and poor water resistance of the film, which limits the application of water-based wood coatings. The water-based Wood Coatings jointly researched and developed by Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd. and South China University of technology effectively improve the solid content of the coatings and improve the defects of the water-based coatings. They are significantly superior to similar foreign products in terms of film hardness, water resistance and wear resistance, and the production cost is far lower than foreign products

in addition, the flame-retardant transparent nitrocellulose paint jointly developed by it innovatively uses nano powder as an auxiliary agent, and combines the decorative function and flame-retardant function of traditional nitrocellulose wood paint. At present, wood paint such as nitrocellulose paint, which has no fire prevention function and is very easy to burn, is widely used in China, and it basically burns in case of fire. The transparent fire-proof coating of the same kind in foreign countries is also called "fire-proof varnish", but its use is greatly limited due to the lack of rich colors and high price. The newly developed flame-retardant transparent nitrocellulose paint is mainly used for the decoration of wood painted furniture. The flame retardation time can reach more than 50 seconds. Relevant experts believe that its performance and price can be accepted by the market

at present, the minimum demand for wood coatings in China is more than 250000 tons per year. As a major coating production province in China, Guangdong Province accounts for about 40% of the national coating output, and wood paint accounts for more than half of the country. Among them, nitrocellulose paint accounts for about 50% of the wood coatings in Guangdong, with an annual sales volume of more than 1billion yuan. The market prospect of the newly developed flame retardant nitrocellulose paint is optimistic

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