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The water-based two-component matte clear finish of garberry has been approved by the Ministry of science and technology. High performance industrial coatings are the bottleneck that has plagued the Chinese paint market for many years, but this dilemma is expected to be broken next year. On August 17, the "water-based two-component matte clear finish htm103" developed by garberry Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and South China University of technology won the national 5 Our company is responsible for providing users with after-sales value-added services such as technology upgrading and transformation at preferential prices all their lives. The "2012 national key new product plan project" of the Ministry of science and technology will explore the regulation mechanism and evolution law of film performance, build a production line with an annual output of 3000 tons, break the foreign monopoly of water-based two-component coatings and China's long-term dependence on imports, and make high-performance industrial coatings 10 The calibration of this machine is simple, realizing the transformation from "processed in China" to "made in China"

industrial coatings, including wood coatings and metal protective coatings, are very important functional materials for national economic construction and national defense security. Large ones such as aircraft, missiles, automobiles, ships, construction projects, and small ones such as electronic components need to be coated with resin coatings for decoration, protection or new functions. They have become irreplaceable key materials in many industries and high-tech fields. Its quality directly affects the use efficiency and service life of products. Therefore, the market consumption is huge and the strategic position is self-evident

however, the reality is that China's industrial coatings, regardless of quality, variety and production, have a large gap with developed countries. As the main variety of industrial coatings, waterborne two-component polyurethane coatings previously mainly relied on foreign imports. The product price is expensive, and there are also problems of acclimatization. Its film appearance, physical and mechanical properties and chemical medium resistance are general, The construction technology needs to be further mature and cannot meet the needs of the Chinese market. In recent years, the development of waterborne two-component polyurethane coatings has become a key technical problem in the field of coating science and technology in China

in 2002, garberry began to study water-based two-component polyurethane coatings, and was committed to finding out its key technologies and hidden technical difficulties, so as to determine its own technical route. In 2009, a project team was set up with South China University of technology to jointly develop the project. Through literature search, market research and pilot production research, the technology has applied for 6 invention patents and been authorized 1, and has successfully solved many problems. At present, the product process is mature and the performance is stable. On this basis, garberry has successfully built an automatic production device with an annual output of 10000 tons of water-based wood paint, which operates stably and can meet the actual application needs of all parts of the country

next, the project will use industrialized product large-scale market promotion, collect customer opinions, improve and improve, and finally achieve the industrial, social and economic benefits of "improved product performance, expanded production capacity, and reasonable product price"

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