The hottest jelly will be delisted in October next

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The small jelly will be delisted in October next year, and the package must be marked with a safety warning

from October 1 next year, the small jelly that "chokes to death" under the same cutting parameters will be completely delisted. Yesterday, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the National Standards Commission confirmed that the mandatory national standard "jelly" (GB) will be implemented from October 1, 2006. The newly added specification requirements are mandatory provisions, in which the inner diameter of the cup-shaped jelly that consumers most often eat must be greater than or equal to 3.5cm The diameter of jelly must exceed 3.5cm. This standard is the first national standard of jelly in China, replacing the current industry standard "jelly" (qb1432- 2001). According to the requirements, jelly production enterprises should organize production according to compulsory national standards from May 1st, 2006, and those that have entered the circulation field can be sold until September 30th, 2006. According to the new requirements, the inner diameter of the cup-shaped gel jelly or the maximum length of the inner side of the cup-shaped gel jelly should be greater than or equal to 3.5cm, the length of the contents of long cup-shaped gel jelly and strip-shaped gel jelly should be greater than or equal to 6.0CM, and the net content of special-shaped gel jelly should be greater than or equal to 30g Relevant experts said that this is a new provision aimed at the inappropriate size of jelly, which may cause harm to children. It is to prevent the elderly and children from choking after swallowing it. The packaging must be marked with safety warnings. In addition to the specification requirements, different from the previous industry standards, the national mandatory standards have detailed provisions on the warning signs of jelly outer packaging labels and the strength of polymer matrix adhesive. For example, when jelly products use the name "pudding", they should also be marked with "milk containing jelly"; Fruit juice jelly should be marked with the original fruit juice content; Pulp type jelly should be marked with pulp content, etc. At the same time, the gel jelly must be marked with safety warnings and eating methods at a prominent position on the front of the package, and the text height should not be less than 3 mm. The national standard will also provide marking methods such as "children under the age of 3 should not eat it, do not swallow it in one bite, and the elderly and children should eat it under supervision". ■ many customers in Beijing did not know the hidden dangers of jelly. Many people chose domestic electromechanical products. Yesterday, they visited supermarkets such as Hufangqiao meilianmei and Xiluoyuan Hualian. On the counter of meilianmei supermarket, although warning signs were found on the jelly, the handwriting was very small, and other signs were not standardized in content. A customer who is buying jelly said that he usually buys larger jelly for his children. In Hualian Supermarket, several customers showed that their products were mainly used in food packaging, special engineering, equipment lightweight and other fields. They were not very clear about the size of jelly and there were potential safety hazards

source: Xinhua

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