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Ji'an group and Shanying paper industry accelerate the transformation of clean papermaking

the papermaking industry has always been known as a heavily polluting industry. Eliminating backward production capacity and improving industry concentration are regarded as a good way to rectify papermaking pollution. Ji'an group, which completed the industrial and commercial changes on September 18 this year and officially entered the capital market, is a typical example of the paper industry to better achieve cleaner production by upgrading its scale. Scale effect helps enterprises better achieve cleaner production

in September 2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the second batch of list of enterprises with backward production capacity eliminated in the industrial industry in 2013, involving 67 low-end paper enterprises across the country. As the sealing machine is the last process in the packaging production line, plus the first batch of list, a total of 7.41 million tons of backward paper production capacity will be eliminated this year. It is understood that in the paper industry, pulping is the main pollution link, in which the COD emissions of straw pulp account for more than 60% of the emissions of the whole paper industry. At present, small enterprises are basically straw pulp production lines, and small paper mills are an important source of paper pollution at present

a paper industry researcher in Shanghai told this newspaper that due to the small production capacity of small paper-making enterprises, it is impossible to achieve economies of scale by using large-scale environmental protection equipment, and small enterprises do not have the economic strength to purchase environmental protection equipment. Even if some small enterprises have supporting environmental protection equipment, they do not often use it. Only those large-scale paper-making enterprises have financial strength and interest driven investment in environmental protection

Ji'an group and Shanying paper have joined hands with two well-known large paper-making enterprises in the industry. The scale effect will help the new Shanying paper industry to better achieve cleaner production after restructuring

According to public information, Shanying paper was founded in 1957 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2001, becoming the first listed company in the paper industry in Anhui Province. Since its establishment, Shanying paper has built a three-level advanced wastewater treatment system with a total investment of more than 200million yuan. At present, the daily wastewater treatment capacity is 65000 tons, and the wastewater discharged per ton of paper is less than 8 tons, far lower than the national standard limit of the paper industry

when most enterprises are still using traditional landfill methods to deal with a large amount of paper-making sludge every day, Shanying paper has invested 460million yuan to build a paper-making sludge and pulp residue incineration power generation project, (6) pay careful attention to the oil level when refueling. This project will dry and incinerate paper-making sludge and pulp residue, which can not only save energy, but also completely solve the problem of solid waste pollution. At the same time, Shanying paper's own power station has built 7 environmentally friendly circulating vulcanization bed boilers. The company's own power station adopts an electric cloth combined dust collector, and the dust treatment efficiency reaches 99.9%; Flue gas desulfurization adopts the process of calcium injection in the furnace and semi dry desulfurization, with the desulfurization efficiency of more than 90%, stable operation, and stable emission of sulfur dioxide

using waste paper as raw material to control pollution from the source

the production raw materials of traditional paper industry are mainly wood or straw pulp, which needs pulping in the paper-making process, resulting in resource damage and environmental pollution. Using recycled waste paper as raw material is a clean and environmental protection production process, which is also the direction strongly advocated and encouraged by the state. At present, most large and medium-sized paper-making enterprises use waste paper, and some manufacturers can only use the output value as the production raw material. For example, the waste paper consumption of Shanying paper industry accounts for 99% of the raw material. As of September, 2012, Ji'an group had purchased 1.179 million tons of waste paper. Ji'an group established Huanyu Group International Holdings in Hong Kong, China, which is responsible for the procurement of overseas waste paper. Overseas procurement accounts for 82.56% of the total procurement volume

it is understood that Ji'an Group invested and established a paper mill in Haiyan County Economic Development Zone in May 2004. Since 2009, it has been rated as the largest industrial backbone enterprise and top ten tax payer in Haiyan County for many consecutive years. Since the establishment of the plant, Ji'an group has invested in the construction of the three-phase sewage treatment system, with a cost of 210 million yuan and a wastewater treatment capacity of 55000 tons/day. The sewage treatment has reached the relevant national standards, passed the cleaner production audit in 2008, and passed the ISO14001 certification in 2010. On December 3, 2011, Ji'an group won the annual environmental friendly enterprise of China Paper Industry Association of China Paper Association

in terms of sewage treatment, Ji'an group adopts internationally advanced anaerobic, aerobic treatment and advanced treatment methods, and purchases advanced environmental protection equipment from abroad. For example, the anaerobic system of the sewage treatment station is IC (internal circulation) anaerobic reactor technology purchased from the international well-known environmental protection equipment manufacturer Parker company of the Netherlands. In order to solve the problem of odor generated in the process of sewage treatment, Ji'an group successively invested more than 8 million yuan in 2010 to cover and deodorize the primary sedimentation tank, regulating tank and sludge mixing tank in the national paper industry

environmental protection is a key indicator for the CSRC to review asset restructuring projects. It is reported that the injected assets of Ji'an group have been fully accepted by the Environmental Protection Bureau. Its annual production line of 600000 tons of light coated white faced Kraft linerboard and 100000 tons of slag pulp corrugated base paper was launched in 2003, and the peak value can be manually removed; This machine is suitable for testing the compressive strength of cast iron and steel fiber concrete manhole covers; Jc889 (2) 001 steel fiber reinforced concrete manhole cover was accepted by Jiaxing Environmental Protection Bureau in; The project of supporting self provided thermal power plant for papermaking project, the project of 200000 tons of high-strength corrugated base paper and the project of 450000 tons of high-strength Kraft linerboard production line were accepted by Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau in 2007 and 2008 respectively

after the successful asset restructuring of Shanying paper and Ji'an group in August 2013, the annual production capacity of the new Shanying paper industry has reached 2.6 million tons, ranking among the domestic first-class paper industry. The environmental protection effect brought by the doubling of scale will be perfectly reflected in the new Shanying paper industry

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