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Application of Yingtai classification and coding management system in aerospace supply chain platform

1. Project introduction

"aerospace major model supply chain platform" takes the development of manned Shenzhou spacecraft as a typical demonstration, establishes a cross regional security information platform based on software and hardware products with national independent intellectual property rights, helps upstream and downstream enterprises networking and collaboration, realizes the supply chain collaboration of tens of thousands of products of thousands of enterprises, and achieves the goal of controlled entry, controlled process The purpose of standardizing export, cost control and supporting decision-making is to coordinate the supply of major model application enterprises first carried out in China's military industry, and plan to successively list the chain system in other Asian countries, Europe and North America. It is composed of supplier relationship management, procurement and logistics management, quality and reliability management, supply and production coordination, basic material learning and release, comprehensive information query, material coding and safety management

through the construction of aerospace supply chain, the traceability range of product quality can be 100%, and the traceability cycle can be shortened from one month to one day; The quality problem of the test launch site was reduced from 30% to 15%; The average order cycle is shortened from 3 months to 6 weeks; The comprehensive cost index is reduced by 5% from the original level

the supply chain platform needs to establish a set of aerospace material coding rules and solidify them in the software system. Through the transformation from target oriented management to opportunity oriented management, the software uses the coding rules to establish a material coding information base to support the material coding of various functions of the supply chain. Yingtai classification and coding management system meets the support of various functions of the aerospace supply chain platform, and the classification and coding management idea has been fully applied in aerospace enterprises and aerospace material suppliers

2. Implementation scope of classification and coding management

classification and coding management system establishes a unified coding Center for aerospace supply chain platform. After the completion of the coding center, all objects that need to be coded in the aerospace supply chain system can obtain a unique code from the coding center, and at the same time, the attribute information of the coding object maintained by the coding center can also be obtained. For example, for standard parts, their names, specifications, models and other information. Moreover, through the unified maintenance of the coding center, we can ensure that the information used by different subsystems is highly unified, and avoid the situation of one object with multiple codes and one code with multiple objects

3. Coding classification method

the material code is composed of classification code and attribute code. The classification code adopts four segments and eight digits, and is classified according to the material category, medium category, sub category and sub category. The attribute code is six digits. The classification code and attribute code all adopt meaning sequence code, pure numeric code (which can be extended with letters in the future if overflowed) and fixed length code, as shown in Figure 1. For the most typical data processing of aerospace, there are the following material needs. Aerospace materials are divided into seven categories: electronic components, electromechanical products, metal materials, non-metallic materials, standard parts, initiating explosive devices, petrochemical products and others

4. Application function of classification and coding system

material coding is the basic work of aerospace supply chain management platform. Its goal is to understand the needs of enterprises for coding, the flow process of information, the access and use of target users on the basis of full exchange and discussion, based on qingruo Yingtai's many years of experience in coding system design, development and implementation, and fully combined with the actual situation of the aerospace era, Form a coding management scheme, establish classification coding rules, formulate coding management system, measure based on the guide rail, and establish a coding management center. The center is responsible for the maintenance of coding rules and the generation, recording and interpretation of codes, and enables authorized users to query code values and their related attributes. The final classification and coding system forms a material code library and provides interfaces to other information systems (such as supplier relationship management, procurement and logistics management, quality and reliability management, PDM and ERP) to achieve integration. Its application function relationship is shown in Figure 2

5. Application effect of classification and coding management in aerospace supply chain

the material code of aerospace supply chain is composed of four layers of eight digit class code and six digit serial code. In order to realize the management of this coding method, classification and coding management needs to realize four functions: directory maintenance, code segment maintenance, rule maintenance and code value management. This flexible coding method solves the material coding information work in the aerospace supply chain, provides a unified material coding rule for material suppliers, realizes the standardization of material coding, and saves a lot of time for designers and purchasers; Solidify the coding rules into the classification and coding management system, so that the application of coding rules in aerospace internal enterprises and external suppliers becomes simple and feasible; The classification and coding management system realizes the effective integration with other management systems, so as to realize the data sharing between the material coding information base and other management systems

at present, aerospace supply chain has been put into trial use in aerospace internal enterprises and some typical material suppliers. The idea of classification and coding management has been fully applied in aerospace internal and external material suppliers. Aerospace supply chain platform has bright prospects and will make great contributions to China's aerospace industry. (end)

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