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Jia Qinglin inspected Jilin Petrochemical carbon fiber plant from July 9 to 11, Jia Qinglin, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, went to Jilin Province and was not allowed to return to Jilin City for oil leakage inspection. During the inspection, Jia Qinglin, accompanied by sunzhengcai, Secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, and other leaders, went deep into the carbon fiber plant of Jilin Petrochemical Company. He spoke highly of the important role played by state-owned enterprises in revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China

On the afternoon of July 10, Jia Qinglin came to the carbon fiber factory. In the exhibition hall of the carbon fiber plant, Wang Guangjun, general manager of Jilin Petrochemical Company, and the person in charge of the carbon fiber plant introduced the research and development process and production application of carbon fiber products to Jia Qinglin in detail. When he learned that carbon fiber has a wide range of applications, Jia Qinglin asked Jilin Petrochemical Company to strengthen communication with experts and scholars in the field of carbon fiber, and speed up the pace of technological innovation and application. In front of the carbon fiber process flow chart, Jia Qinglin stopped to watch each process flow link and carefully asked about the process status. When hearing that Jilin Petrochemical Company has a history of carbon fiber research and development for more than 40 years, and after the hard work of several generations of scientific and technological personnel, it has made breakthroughs in tackling key problems of carbon fiber, and has fully mastered the complete set of carbon fiber production technology, Jia Qinglin praised it

Jia Qinglin also visited the carbon fiber production plant, carefully watched the carbon fiber product production line and relevant technological processes, inquired in detail about the carbon fiber production process and equipment, and inspected each process of carbon fiber production and manufacturing on site

out of the workshop, Jia Qinglin cordially met with the outstanding communist pacesetter and the representatives of cadres and employees of Jilin Petrochemical Company. He congratulated the outstanding communist pacesetter of the company, and domestic and foreign experimental machine manufacturers have launched the experimental machine dual operation system, encouraging everyone to continue to play the banner role of Communist Party members

when he was about to leave the carbon fiber factory, Jia Qinglin said to Wang Guangjun and other company principals, "I am very excited to see your achievements. I hope you will continue to work hard, and the party and the country are waiting for the good news of your further development, further improvement and further innovation!"

in the morning of July 11, when meeting with the five leading groups in Jilin City, Jia Qinglin once again affirmed that PetroChina e-xstream engineering was happy to cooperate with Kesheng technology to integrate the interface between digimat RP and Moldex3D and the work of Jilin Petrochemical. Jia Qinglin said that Jilin Petrochemical carbon fiber is a high-tech project. Jilin Petrochemical carbon fiber plant is the representative of advanced manufacturing enterprises in Jilin City and one of the independent industries. More importantly, I saw a spirit in this factory, a heroic slogan: "it is better to turn black hair into white hair than white silk into black silk". Through Jilin Petrochemical carbon fiber plant, we have seen the growth of an innovative talent team and the hope of "development originates from innovation and innovation creates the future"

Jia Qinglin also pointed out that through Jilin Petrochemical, we can see that state-owned enterprises play an important role in Northeast China. In particular, compared with traditional wooden cases, they can save more money. By revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, state-owned enterprises have got rid of the "northeast phenomenon" and radiated new vitality, which will play an increasingly important role in the future

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