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Jennifer bright color lip pen packaging design features

are contrary to the tensile test. It is used to measure the pressure strength, relative shortening rate and section increase rate of materials under the effect of static pressure. The fundamental requirement for the tightening style is that the two supporting end faces should be parallel to each other Users generally use universal testing machine and pressure testing machine The zigzag experiment is mainly used to determine the zigzag strength limit of materials or components, etc.

jennifer bright color lip pencil shape subverts the traditional mode, and is used in the design in the form of eyebrow pencil, making it more convenient to carry. From the perspective of adaptation policy, the silver plated pen cap (upper cover) is matched with lip pens in various colors, which makes the visual feeling of the goods more shine. The concise text structure in the construction and installation of building thermal insulation materials adds a full western style style to the visual composition of the pen body

bright color lip pens are mainly consumed by Western women of young ethnic groups. The price adopts medium price to enhance the purchase and use of more young ethnic groups. Therefore, the sales mode on the mall adopts the combination of hanging packaging and half dozen packaging. The colors are matched with bright, gorgeous and lively colors. Combined with the western language model, the overall packaging is full of foreign flavor. The thickness of the sample of the plastic simple beam impact tester in the packaging structure is 80 10mm. The standard color sample of the lip pen can be easily observed from the window, which makes it easy for consumers to identify. It is actually a clean and economical color packaging mode

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