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JDF is a golden key to the profitability of printing enterprises. Editor's note: Mr. Mike safity, deputy manager of workflow business department of Xerox production systems group, told us about the role of JDF in enterprise development and the role it plays in the process of establishing industry standards

almost every enterprise is working hard to optimize and manage work tasks every day. They want to achieve efficient operation of the enterprise by completing work in a timely and orderly manner, so as to obtain more profits. This is nothing new, and this phenomenon does not only exist in the printing industry. Enterprises in all industries are constantly improving the production process by using the speed and accuracy of standardization, completing the work as efficiently, quickly and accurately as possible, and constantly exploring new functions of enterprises

the effect of standardization and automation must be reflected in end users - whether you are an automobile manufacturer or a printing service provider. This principle applies to any industry

Ford Motor Company's assembly line has changed the life of the entire American society by improving production efficiency and reducing consumer costs. Before this kind of assembly line appeared, cars were assembled by independent working groups; This process is slow and costly. However, since the establishment of an automated assembly line, Ford has been able to improve the production quality of cars by unifying car parts and implementing automated operations. At the same time, it can also reduce the assembly time of cars from 12 hours to less than six hours

now for the printing industry, process automation and standardization are also crucial. Printing service providers face the challenge of short version and complex parts. The selection of standards plays a positive role in improving the level of productivity. People can realize the standardized production of enterprises by integrating the current advanced data exchange technology into the production process. At the same time, the effect of standardization and automation must be reflected in end users - whether you are an automobile manufacturer or a printing service provider. This principle applies to any industry

what is JDF

in short, JDF (live part definition format) is an open standard work description language. It provides the basis for printing service providers to establish the next level of printing movable parts. It contains the contents of movable parts and some business-related information in the production workflow. JDF can carry printed moving parts in the whole production process by using information description standard and information exchange protocol. These codes describe in detail the design idea, prepress, printing, Postpress and delivery process information. As the Seybold report released in July 2005 said, "JDF will develop into an industry standard, and it will bring people an industrialized, integrated and automated production process."

industry standards simplify the production process

simplifying the information exchange between applications and systems is very important for all industries, especially for the printing industry, because printing involves many steps and operating processes - from order input to pricing - so it can benefit from the use of JDF, improve production efficiency, and improve the product value chain

in short, documents starting with JDF can help produce faster, more accurate and higher quality printed moving parts, and can also combine production planning with other management functions, such as billing, transportation, work reports and material ordering. If used properly, JDF can help print service providers improve productivity and production capacity; Realize the automation of work status and resource management; Improve customer satisfaction; Reduce the cost of movable printing and improve the profitability of integrated enterprises. JDF can also add value to existing technology investment and point out the direction for the long-term success of enterprises

open interfaces and industry standards can bring greater flexibility to printing service providers, enable them to realize the automation of workflow, allow people to set electronic instructions for live parts, and guide operators to complete the whole processing process from pattern design to finished product delivery. By using JDF, products of different brands can be easily exchanged, making it easier to set up these devices and produce better joint effects

interoperability: the key to competition

in theory, JDF should not support any dealer, but should balance the entire printing industry, so that the production environment of the printing plant can be perfectly connected - from network to production and then to checkout - to bring high efficiency and productivity to customers

when most dealers promise consumers that their devices have JDF function, their real meaning is that different devices from the same dealer can achieve a successful "dialogue" with each other. But how many factories only use the equipment of one dealer? At Xerox, we realized that no matter how powerful our equipment is, most printing service providers are willing to use equipment from different dealers

in fact, JDF is the key factor to integrate offset printing and digital printing environment into a workflow, and this comprehensive workflow can support different products from different dealers. Through close cooperation with industry leaders such as adobe and Cleo, Xerox has participated in the development of a unified JDF based workflow, which covers design, prepress, offset and digital printing. It drives our entire digital printing machine production line. Our freeflow digital workflow collection provides printing service providers with a way to manage all digital workflow with an end-to-end solution, or a way to integrate offset printing and digital printing processes through open interfaces and industry standards (such as JDF and PDF)

efficient workflow is the survival foundation of a printing enterprise or other enterprises. As printing service providers gradually realize the benefits of JDF and the role it will play in enterprises, they also began to invest in this technology, increase JDF compatibility for their equipment, and provide JDF training for employees. All the investments of printing service providers in JDF will directly bring huge profits to the enterprise. The only way for them to occupy a place in the highly competitive printing market is to keep looking forward. This is not only related to the development of a printing enterprise in the past year, but also related to its future survival and development plan

continuous development

in today's ubiquitous world, consumers see the fast response speed of Internet and mobile, and also need their printing service providers to provide them with services with such a high response speed. JDF can achieve this, because it is a unified language, which can express the requirements of live parts for all processing steps - in the process from the beginning to the end of processing, it will not fall behind any requirements of live parts

the electronic document system foundation made a survey report called "the global impact of JDF on the global industry" in 2005, which claimed that JDF has promoted the development of global image communication, and printing equipment suppliers have the opportunity to encourage people to adopt new technologies, which are likely to change the current situation of the entire printing industry. Xerox wants to seize this opportunity by continuously supporting the development of standards, and we have designed more than 40 products according to different standards, including devices with JDF function

over the past 20 years, Xerox has introduced a variety of innovative technologies and procedures, which are constantly changing the development of the digital production printing industry and creating unlimited business opportunities for our customers. For example, our graphic arts premier partners program is a unique business community composed of global professional digital printing service providers - it also proves the powerful function of JDF. p>

cooperating with first-class enterprises and technologies with obvious advantages can help our customers achieve the best job, that is, in terms of policies ldquo; To fill the car rdquo; While the strategy becomes more and more clear, we should also improve efficiency. We currently have more than 100 business partners to help customers integrate digital technology into the printing environment they already have. For example, at the print 05 conference held last autumn, we showed the prime JDF connector connected to the freeflow print manager together with Heidelberg company, and printed on site with docucolor 8000 digital printer. This demonstration integrates order generation, pre press processing, printing and post press processing into a JDF channel, expands the scope of workflow, and comprehensively improves the consistency and quality of products. The actual result is that those efficient and profitable printing plants have the ability to choose their own printing methods - offset printing, digital automatic diagnosis: the system has the function of automatic diagnosis, word printing or hybrid printing (a combination of the two)

in order to maintain our leading position in the industry, we will continue to implement our own development strategy and continue to provide customers with the best products, workflow and business development tools to help them achieve success in the field of digital printing

as we mentioned earlier, JDF does not belong to a specific dealer - it is the driver of all changes in the industry, and it affects the way all dealers handle the printing production process. As dealers continue to increase the variety of their JDF products, printing service providers are beginning to see the real value of automation. As the standards of automation are constantly developing and improving, we also hope to see the continuous transformation of JDF and other industry standards, so that they can help enterprises achieve long-term success in the digital printing market

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