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Jesse's love time is very beautiful

in July, the sun is like fire, birds are crowing, and it's too hot to be calm

in July, green and flowery, you can't find a quiet place

time is always hidden, inadvertently writing into chapters, picking flowers into poems. It has been more than two years since I joined Jesse. People always say that the good times will pass quickly. These two years have really passed quickly. To achieve low-cost, high-performance carbon fiber production

water does not wash water, dust does not stain dust, and thoughts do not drive thoughts. Throbbing years, unshakable eyes, endless dust. At the beginning of that period, the years were not quiet and the days were not easy. At that time, the struggle was like making great efforts to govern. There were no distractions in my heart, full of peace, and my eyes were shining

when the first car came off the line, Xiang Zong danced with us and ate steamed bread

memories will fade with the passage of time, but moving will become more mellow after the change of the sun and the moon. Jesse's factory is located in the north. Every business trip is like the Northern Expedition recording its maximum anti tension value, with a sense of mission and ceremony. We should have courage and be full of pioneering spirit, "Huang Sha wears gold armor in hundred battles, and will not return until he breaks the Loulan". Such northern expeditions included the expeditions of large troops and the solo journey of "riding alone for thousands of miles and going to the meeting alone". Every time, I will be moved by our warriors. People should have a sense of mission, and 380 volt power supply life should be full of a sense of ceremony. In Jesse, time is beautiful

people together are called parties, and hearts together are called teams. On the eve of 2018 BMW exhibition, Jesse's army gathered, and faced such a baptism for the first time, it was quite desperate. Fighting for more than ten days until the early morning has darkened our eyes and deepened our eyes; A bowl of fried noodles like charcoal in the snow filled our stomachs and tightened our hearts. As a result, the power of the team created miracles. Unite as one, I read about the meaning of these four words that are not written in the dictionary. Miracles are rare, and time is beautiful

if three people walk, there must be my teacher. Jesse's shared team culture has benefited everyone a lot. Here, there are masters of turning, milling and grinding, the eye of heaven for threading needles, Bole for forging stairs, and the captain for guiding the course. They are literate, martial and affectionate. Every day of work is on the way to study and progress. Time is beautiful

growth lies in every experience, every failure, mistake and accumulation. Xiang always said, "I'm not afraid of your making mistakes. I'm afraid you'll lose your courage to make mistakes.". Often aftertaste, there are always five flavors mixed. The team is a ship, and we are all on board. As the boss at the helm, he knows how to make us better sailors and make our ship go further because all the electromechanical devices are exposed outside. The voyage was stormy, but the time was beautiful

I've seen the moon rise and sunset through the falling geese and bamboo trees

I dreamed of walking in the Jianghu with a sword

you said that one day, I would always be famous all over the world and achieve my ambition

at that time, I bowed my head and wrapped your sword ears with new tassels

I also recalled that I pulled your sleeve at first

laughed and said that sweat drops were like tears

I accompanied and protected each other all the way, saying that my original intention was not fulfilled

whether the end of the Jianghu P> was beautiful

I had exquisite thoughts.Read too much and bind yourself with dust

although you go here with natural and unrestrained posture

the journey is longer and the time is more beautiful

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