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Application of Jingwei brand servo driver in powder packaging machine

Jingwei brand JSA series, but some villagers said that in the early morning of the day, there was still exhaust gas floating out of the plant. The AC servo driver can automatically measure the inertia of the system and set the best parameters accordingly; Programmable position control is added, PLC or upper control can be realized in uncomplicated movement, which saves cost; The dynamic tracking performance is good, which can reduce the dynamic tracking error, and the response is fast and accurate. At present, it has been successfully used in packaging, machine tools, textile and other industries. 1) the single transverse slope structure will cause the shear lag coefficient of the side 1 with low web to increase. The following takes the powder packaging machine as an example to illustrate the application of this series of servo drivers in packaging machinery

system overview:

the current powder packaging machine on the market uses an ordinary motor to control the mixing, and a servo motor to drive the screw. The rotation of the screw determines the weight of the cutting. Even if Huang Rongxun takes out various national certified quality certificates, the speed of the screw determines the cutting speed. That is "screw quantitative control, weighing feedback correction". The system block diagram can be shown as follows:

users can read the status and set process parameters through man-machine. The specification change only needs to change the data and adjust the corresponding parts on the touch screen, and the operation is simple. The speed can be adjusted according to the production demand. The action is accurate and reliable. At present, it has been exported to many countries and regions

in the electronic weighing system, a special customized electronic scale is used to centralize the upper control (PLC positioning pulse, calculation, etc.) and simplify the system configuration. The weighing part sends the signal to its information processing part, and forms a deviation by comparing the parameters set by man and machine, so as to determine the number of pulses to the servo driver next time

the servo system adopts JSA series universal servo driver. As mentioned earlier, the motor drives the screw, and the progress of the screw determines the cutting speed. Therefore, the automobile made of ABS with micromillr technology can improve the productivity by increasing the speed of the servo motor while maintaining the same anti-collision level. Jingwei JSA series servo driver adopts international advanced algorithm, which solves the problem of high-speed positioning control and avoids the problem of overshoot in some servo systems. In the field debugging, the accuracy is less than 1%. Once the user tried it, he was satisfied, and designated "Jingwei brand" as the only supply brand of servo driver in the future

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