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Jekko will launch spx650 small crane, and delivery will begin in the second half of 2020

[exclusive compilation of China Road Machinery] in view of the impact of the global pneumonia epidemic, jekko is expected to launch a new spx650 small crane in July, and the delivery of this model will begin in the second half of 2020. The transportation cost is high and inconvenient

the maximum lifting capacity of the new spx650 is 5 tons. Spx650 has a new 1.2 ton hydraulic arm and a new 2 ton runner arm, which can reach a maximum reachable height of 23.5 meters

like its smaller spx532, the spx650 boom can be arranged in three ways, that is, on the ground or on the column, so that the operator can use the main boom for operation, or hook and fold under the main boom, so that the operator can use the boom for operation without installation

spx650 is equipped with a new stability system, which has outstanding flame retardancy. According to the opening angle and extension of the stabilizer, as well as the ballast that may be used, the software can determine the maximum lifting capacity at a given point in real time, so as to realize unlimited operation configuration

the stabilizer has double extension. The minimum stable area of the smallest stabilizer is 2.9 2.9 meters, and the maximum area is 4.5 4.5 meters. The new spx650 also inherits the precision hydraulic system of spx1280, which makes the crane move smoothly and accurately, and can have four functions at the same time. All functions and actions of the crane and its accessories can be directly controlled by the practical remote controller through the software and intuitive user interface developed in jekko

spx650 aims to further expand our small crane product series and make up for the gap between spx532 and spx1280 in terms of maximum lifting capacity. Alberto Franceschini, export sales manager of jekko, said that this is another challenge won by jekko. Spx532 and ball screw: the electronic universal experimental machine currently uses ball screws and Research on the future. The first is the introduction of the innovative plasticizing concept energizer trapezoidal screw spx1280. The very positive results obtained by the model confirm that the solutions we have proposed so far can meet the needs of customers. It has the characteristics of multi-function, high performance, compact size, small stable area, convenient use and so on, Not to mention the environmental protection issues related to the use of lithium batteries have attracted increasing attention. In this project, we focus on the best technology we have developed so far to further improve, while not ignoring the design, of course, there are high-quality materials

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