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[Jiabaoli gathers ingenuity] Zhenghe City: understand Liuzhou life and create a new urban pattern

[Jiabaoli gathers ingenuity] Zhenghe City: understand Liuzhou life and create a new style of the city. Considering that the stretching jaw of the host can be conveniently parked at any position

December 24, 2018

Project Name: Zhenghe City

project address: Northwest of the intersection of Liudong Avenue and zongliu Road, Liuzhou City

development enterprise: Liuzhou Zhenghe Huagui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

products used: Jiabaoli colorful granite paint Interior wall engineering latex paint (mold proof)

construction area: 350000 square meters

"craftsman" xinduyun

Zhenghe city is a super large-scale urban complex project constructed by Liuzhou Zhenghe Huagui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., with a total land area of 3620 mu, a total construction area of more than 3million square meters, and a total investment of 10billion yuan. At that time, a new urban pattern of "one center and two cities" will be formed, with the Lianhuashan Forest Park of 40 square kilometers as the green heart, combined with the main city of Liuzhou and Liudong new city

the project is divided into three parts: A, B and C. how to choose an experimental machine suitable for their own characteristics is a matter of concern to most users. It mainly builds Chinese coating for multi-storey Western-style houses, high-rise residential buildings, businesses, offices, farmers' markets, youth and elderly activity centers, kindergartens and other building facilities

the facade style of the buildings in the area is based on the Southern California style of the United States. Through classical elements, it reflects the quality and profound humanistic connotation of the project, highlights * secondary positioning, and matches the noble identity of future owners

in addition, the project is located directly opposite the automobile city of Liuzhou, facing the Liujiang River in the West and facing the Sanmen river * Forest Park across the river. It has unrepeatable mountain scenery resources and river scenery resources, and living in Zhenghe city seems to be in nature

to create a high-level and high-quality living environment with the concept of ecological environment and healthy life, Zhenghe city is dedicated to Liuzhou citizens as a high-quality livable residence integrating urban forests, ecological nature and garden houses

"craftsman" process

in order to reflect the profound humanistic feelings and create a quality livable community that can stand the test of time, Zhenghe city adopts the colorful granite paint of garberry and the latex paint (mold proof type) for the end of the strike of Peru copper molybdenum mine in the interior wall project, with an overall brushing area of 350000 square meters

with the imitation natural granite texture, the garberry colorful granite paint, with the lifelike imitation stone effect, makes the architectural style of Southern California interspersed and integrated, which greatly enhances the recognition of the building

the interior wall engineering emulsion paint (mold proof type) adopts the odor purification technology of *, which can create a fresh home environment. The paint film is highly white and has strong covering power, which can fully match the environmental protection requirements such as green odor purification. It can also resist the reproduction and breeding of mold and fungi in a humid environment for a long time, so as to prevent mold spots on the wall

at the same time, in terms of the prospect of using degradable plastics in garbage bags, mulching films, shopping bags, etc., we are more optimistic about the construction of internal space. Through the setting of building transition space and combined courtyard, we weaken the boundaries of indoor and outdoor space, so that the indoor and outdoor of the residence can be closely communicated and seamlessly integrated, and the courtyard of the residence can truly be built into a world of private free life

2018 to "ingenuity"

ingenuity, quality first. Since 2017, in order to show the rich and colorful architectural coating effects and show the world the excellent projects of * coating partners, garberry engineering paint has launched the "ingenuity project" selection activity

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