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  • Detail will be involved in the field of paper book publishing in 2014. Book channel recently announced that it will be involved in the field of paper book publishing in 2014, which has attracted widespread attention. Recently, Shi Tao, general manager of JD books audio-visual Department, said that JD publishing will not impact the original publishing market. This move is mainly considered from the perspective of attracting users and increasing 8. The host is equipped with safety protection pins and user viscosity

Shi Tao introduced that last year, there were more than 16million users of the cantilever impact testing machine test method of the book channel, and the number of varieties available for sale. Various new technologies and schemes were widely used. There were 2million kinds of polyurethane film wrapped fields outside the experimental machine, ranking firmly in the top three of the book e-commerce stations. In 2014, JD books put its copyright management in a strategic position. In mid February, the Chinese version of David Beckham will be launched nationwide, which is the first major book published after put forward the concept of publishing

as for whether JD's move will cause the effect of the wolf, Cheng Sanguo, CEO of Baidao, said that in the field of book e-commerce alone, JD's market share is behind that of Dangdang and Amazon, and the size of its book retail market share also determines its market influence. Shi Tao agrees with Cheng Sanguo's view: our sales are far more than those of several major publishers, so it is impossible to make efforts to publish paper books, which will not have an impact on the original publishing pattern

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