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Garberry furniture paint uses color to improve health

advantages of garberry compared with traditional methods: furniture paint uses color to improve health

June 22, 2020

think more about a better life with color

for garberry, color is the brand itself. Garberry has always practiced the identity and concept of aesthetic advocates, and constantly brought international vision and color trends to domestic consumers. Carpoly has always been very clear that in the world of paint, creativity is the soul, and color is fundamental, and good color is one of the keys to the success of paint. Therefore, Carpoly has always taken the pursuit of color as the foundation, provided its own thinking for the design world, and built a high-level color system with unique vision

therefore, the new 2020/2021 color card system of garberry furniture paint will pay attention to the current international and domestic new products. It is expected that there may be a price war in the future, furniture series and interior design, determine and expand the color trend of furniture, and promote the design and coating of furniture products

from the color position distribution of colors, the 2020/2021 standard color card of garberry furniture paint has reduced the overall color chromaticity, and the colors complement each other in light and dark tones, so as to ensure that the furniture can be suitable for all life scenes, and increase the space for furniture designers to design freely and match colors

when it comes to high-level, many people will equate high-level and colorful luxuriance. However, the high-level sense of color does not need a large number of color blocks to stack. The real high-level sense is often the visual expression of quality life, which reflects the normality of life with unknown elegance and casual restraint

the "chimney house" in Virginia, the United States - light gray green solid color with white main tone

the "rock house" in SANTONI Island - light coupling semi transparent effect

color matching suggestions of the Caroline cure Department:

the green wall adopts paint finish, echoes the theme, and enriches the space color matching. Table chairs and chandeliers with simple design have a strong sense of lines and are exquisite without losing a sense of fashion

the apartment attic in Stockholm, southern Switzerland, adopts gray lake green, which makes the narrow space glow with a warm and soft atmosphere; The classic French bar in Lyon, France, integrates master elements such as Corbusier and pruway into the modern bar, and the cold pine green wooden door presents a low-key retro style

attic of Stockholm apartment - semi transparent effect of lake green

classic French bar in Lyon, France - collision of cool pine green and honey color

the new "Grand Slam" series launched by the famous Czech furniture brand ton and designer Alex guffler - the retro feeling of cool pine green

suggestions for color matching of garberry Forest Department:

this color system is like the earth with its arms outstretched, embracing everything, and the wind caresses the flower buds, The intoxicating aroma of cloves charges the soul and starts a new journey

the R & D team led by Karl Englund and somayeh NASSIRI refined the carbon fiber composite waste recycled from Boeing company to the ideal size and shape by mechanical grinding

the headquarters of frit Hansen, a Danish furniture brand, to create the harmony and healing of the overall space. In addition, it also screened out the details such as strips on the wall and carpets through wood 8 and defective parts in advance, so as to show the space texture more delicately

frit Hansen headquarters of Danish furniture brand - Forest appearance and earth color matching

Hermes Hermes home Masion series - earth color matching

garberry natural earth color matching suggestions:

the combination of different color systems such as cherry blossom powder, cream white, dust pink and glacier grey is very natural and harmonious. The superposition of square and round color blocks gives a richer sense of hierarchy to the limited space

Italian mansion in Sydney, Australia, with large-area painting walls and cherry blossom powder cabinet, the perfect artistic tone; The co working designer office space in Los Angeles, the United States, retains the stained glass of the old church and matches with soft colored furniture, with a warm and pleasant atmosphere

Italian mansion in Sydney, Australia - Cherry Blossom powder semi transparent cabinet design

co working office space in Los Angeles, USA - matching of Cherry Blossom powder and glacier grey

color matching suggestions of garberry soft color system:

if the brightness is high, it will make the visual expansion a little, so the use of bright paint will make the space appear open, while the dark color system is just the opposite. In this way, if the space becomes three-dimensional, the coordination of light and dark colors can be achieved

the extreme black-and-white furniture contrast of "stage house" in Japan is eye-catching and concise, with a distinctive style; Sydney, Australia, a single house near the sea, and the relaxing deep-sea blue bathroom is bold and chic as a whole compared with the elegant gray tones of other rooms

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