The hottest upgrade Qingliu plan eliminated

  • Detail plans to upgrade Qingliu and eliminate nearly 10 billion traditional plastic bags every year. held the "Qingliu Wanxiang - Global Sustainable Development upgrade conference" in Beijing. At the meeting, group announced the upgrading of the "green flow plan", which has risen from focusing on the field of green logistics to the sustainable development strategy of the entire group, and expanded from focusing on the ecological environment to the comprehensive contents of "environment", "human society" and "economy" related to human sustainable development

at the press conference, Jingdong Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui pointed out that the comprehensively upgraded Qingliu plan is more important for partners to act together. To this end, put forward the concept of sustainable development of "one purpose, three goals and ten guidelines", and proposed that upstream and downstream partners of the ecological chain work together to jointly create a better living space, promote an inclusive human environment, and promote economic and scientific development as the three major goals, so as to jointly build a symbiotic ecosystem for sustainable development of global business society

it is understood that the "Qingliu plan" is a joint green supply chain action jointly launched by JD logistics and nine major brands last June, which promotes the green development of the logistics industry from the aspects of packaging reduction, green logistics technology innovation and application, energy conservation and emission reduction. In November of the same year, JD logistics further integrated and coordinated more social advantageous resources, established the "JD logistics green fund", and invested 1billion yuan in advance to accelerate the green upgrading of the logistics industry. Guided by the concept of open symbiosis, the "Qingliu plan" continues to expand, and the content and connotation of the action continue to expand

according to Wang Zhenhui, at present, JD logistics has a large-scale new energy fleet in many cities, and will achieve 100000 vehicles without pollution in the future. In terms of storage construction, JD logistics has taken the lead in realizing the application of storage roof distributed photovoltaic power generation system in Shanghai Asia No. 1

in terms of packaging, JD logistics packaging research and testing center has successively developed new two-layer logistics labels, biodegradable express bags and other new materials. The use of two-layer logistics labels can reduce the use of 700 tons of paper per year. At present, has used degradable packaging bags on a large scale, eliminated nearly 10 billion traditional plastic bags every year, and put 100000 green circulation boxes at the same time. JD logistics and famous companies such as P & G, Nestle and Unilever have also greatly improved the operation efficiency of the supply chain through the "collaborative warehouse" project and the transportation mode with boards, so as to return the value to consumers and carefully develop and issue independently designed grinding plate extruders

at the same time, increased maternity leave for female employees by 30 days, and paid five insurances and one fund in full for all employees, including front-line employees

&em the first batch of more than 40 enterprises introduced by Zibo's "mass entrepreneurship and innovation complex" are almost experienced enterprises sp; It is worth noting that under the guidance of the other three goals, has put forward ten standards and initiatives of "low consumption manufacturing, reduction of waste, use of clean energy, non employment of child labor, discrimination against useless workers, protection of employee welfare, zero tolerance of corruption, zero tolerance of tax evasion, targeted poverty alleviation, and technology investment"

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