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Exeter xtmcad Nanjing high precision gear company application case

Nanjing High Precision Gear Co., Ltd. was restructured from the former Nanjing high speed gear box factory in August 2001. It belongs to Nanjing Electromechanical industry group. It is a professional

production enterprise for innovation and Entrepreneurship of high-speed, heavy-duty and precision gear transmission devices. It is one of China's 500 largest machinery industry enterprises and a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, National CAD application engineering demonstration enterprise, National 863 plan CIMS application demonstration enterprise

the company's leading products are various precision high-speed heavy-duty gears, gear boxes, reducers, couplings, wind turbine generator sets, turbine generator sets and other gear transmission devices. The products are widely used in power generation, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, shipbuilding, aerospace, light textile and papermaking, national defense scientific research, environmental protection and other fields. In 2003, the company finished its work, so let's talk about how to maintain the clean bar industry output value and sales of the ceramic zigzag experimental machine of nearly 600million yuan, achieving a profit of 50million yuan, a record high for the company

the strategic goal of the company in 2004 is to achieve output value and sales of 900million yuan each, and achieve profit of 8000. The microcomputer controlled bolt tension and torsion experimental machine can detect torque, maximum torque, yield point torque, torsional strength, axial force and other million yuan in real time, and become the export processing base of gear products in Nanjing

II. Company informatization process and system introduction

1. Summary process

the 863/cims project started in March 1999 marked the beginning of our modern enterprise informatization. In November 2000, the CIMS project including CAD, PDM, CAE, group coding system, ERP and other systems successfully passed the national acceptance. In 2001, the company's CAPP system was successfully implemented and put into use. In addition, after the company's restructuring, ERP was improved again. In 2003, the implementation of the company's OA system was completed and put into use. In addition, in 2004, the implementation of the first phase of the accounts receivable risk control and credit management system was completed and put into use. At the same time, the three-dimensional CAD system was upgraded and expanded by the end of the year, Next, we will briefly introduce each system as follows:

2. Overall structure of the system

3. Application status of each system

1) network and database system

corporate local area network is a Gigabit backbone, 100m to desktop Fast Ethernet, using three-layer switching and tcp/ip transmission agreement. Network equipment includes passport 8006 central switch of Nortel company, bay450, bay350, dlink and a small number of hubs, There are nearly 300 nodes distributed, and the large relational database oracle8.1.7 is used in the background. All the management systems of the company use this platform, which is equipped with two small computer host servers (one IBM p670 and one sun e3500 each), five PC servers, mainly IBM xSeries series, HP 350, Dell, etc. the client is equipped with nearly 200 PC computers and nearly 120 various printing devices. Since 2000, the system has operated stably Smooth data communication

2) computer aided design system (CAD)

the two-dimensional CAD software of the company is xtmcad of Tsinghua Exeter company, and the three-dimensional CAD system is SolidEdge of UGS company. The application popularization rate and CAD application coverage rate have reached 100%. 3D CAD is mainly used for the research and development of export products and new products, and xtmcad is mainly used for drawing and modification of the original 2D drawing files. At present, the application of CAD technology in the company has been relatively mature. Not only designers but also marketers have applied the designed product drawings to project bidding and order competition, winning a large number of orders for the company and generating great economic benefits

3) computer aided engineering analysis (CAE)

in June 2000, ANSYS software was applied to analyze the design of new products. At present, the ANSYS system has been running stably and has been well integrated with 3D CAD. More than a dozen engineers of the Institute have used the system for product analysis and guiding optimal design, so that product designers can grasp the basic performance of products from the design stage of products, realize the transformation of product design from empirical design to quantitative design, ensure the rationality and reliability of product design, and save a lot of design and manufacturing costs. For the research and development of new products, the simulation and analysis method of CAE can replace the traditional method of testing the product performance with physical prototype, avoiding the production and testing of some experimental prototypes, greatly shortening the product development cycle and reducing the cost of product trial production

4) product data management system (PDM)

in 2000, the PDM system SmarTeam was implemented and applied, which realized the centralized storage and management of design process management and drawing documents, and gradually realized the integration with CAD, CAE, GT, CAPP, ERP. Now the system is running normally; Combined with group technology, the application of PDM improves the query speed of existing products and parts, improves the sharing degree and safety of design information, strengthens the management of design process, improves the efficiency of product design, shortens the product design cycle, provides ERP with materials, manufacturing BOM, process route, equipment resources and other data, and improves the speed, quality and efficiency of information flow of the whole enterprise

5) group coding system (GT)

the GT system developed in cooperation with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has been put into use since October 2000. The group coding and retrieval system is applied to encode and retrieve all products and parts of the company. Through the application of group technology, the company's products and parts are thoroughly classified, and the use frequency of parts is counted, which improves the degree of reuse of parts and reduces the variety of parts. At present, the technology center

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