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How does Samsung cinema LED screen become a disruptor in the film LED display industry?

since projection technology was first used in film playback in 1895, people have taken projection playback as the main way to watch movies, which greatly improved the stability and reliability of the system. Therefore, laser projection has become an important technical symbol of cinemas. In July this year, Samsung Electronics unveiled the cinema LED screen for the first time at the world building in Seoul

since projection technology was first used in movie broadcasting in 1895, people have regarded projection broadcasting as the main way to watch movies, and laser projection has thus become an important technical symbol of cinemas. In July this year, Samsung Electronics unveiled the mystery of cinema LED screen for the first time in Seoul World Building, bringing a new immersive cinema experience to cinema viewers. The playback screen will no longer need to receive the projected picture, but will become a super large 4K resolution display screen with bright colors, firmly grasping the audience's line of sight

cinema LED screen, as a cinema level high dynamic range LED display device, leaves holes for anchoring anchor screws and pipes for installing circuits and sensors when pouring concrete. It has a screen width of nearly 10.3 meters, an ultra-clear 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) and a peak brightness (146fl) 10 times higher than traditional projection equipment, creating an epoch-making film quality. With the brightest colors, the deepest darkness and the cleanest pure white, the cinema LED screen will drive away the trouble of picture distortion for viewers and bring immersive viewing enjoyment like being in a movie scene

the combination of cinema LED screen and Harman JBL audio technology creates an on-site auditory experience. This set of display equipment adopts the design of high-power loudspeaker surrounding the screen, and incorporates the patented audio processing technology and JBL's sculpted surround system. This configuration perfectly realizes the accurate visual and auditory environment, so that viewers can truly feel the originality of the film creator

since its release, the cinema level screen pioneered by Samsung in the industry has won headlines in major media around the world, and has won unanimous praise from film directors and film lovers - Samsung cinema LED screen will be the future of cinema technology. After watching his new product taxi driver on the LED screen, Zhang Xun, the director of highland wars, righteous brothers and other films, said: "this is an HDR film screen without projection, which can create an irresistible film viewing experience through the next generation of image quality and lifelike sound effects. No matter how the location of the film is changed, the Samsung led film screen can show a consistent image quality."

Woo Suk Yang, the director of the film "defense with the further implementation of the made in China 2025 plan", pointed out that the launch of this screen marks a "memorable moment" in the 120 year film history, and Samsung's technology will make "revolutionary changes" in the way we watch movies. He said, "the film industry began to use the name 'digital cinema' 20 years ago, but until now we can put aside the projection device and directly enjoy the film picture through the light source in the cinema. As a result, the whole film industry will change a lot from the actual shooting of the film to the editing and post production."

with excellent sound and immersive visual effects, the Samsung led cinema screen is not only suitable for watching movies, but also provides an excellent display screen for concerts, conferences, sports events and game competitions. In a bright environment, the Samsung LED screen has the same visual expressiveness in the dark environment of the cinema, which makes it able to meet the needs of venues that accommodate more people. For example, the at t center, the home of the NBA San Antonio Spurs, has installed the Samsung LED screen; The leading person shooting game "titanfall 2" is also more immersive under the performance of the large screen

for movie makers, Samsung led movie screens can provide pictures and sound effects that accurately express the creator's intentions; For the audience, they can feel the purest and most immersive experience. It is reported that by the end of 2020, Samsung will install LED screens in cinemas that account for 10% of the world, including the United States, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places, bringing the future film experience to more audiences

Yonhap reported on October 10 that Zhao Yongzhe, the legal head of Samsung Electronics in Thailand, and Bicha bubalaro, the representative (president) of major cineplex, signed an agreement to provide cinema LEDs in Bangkok, Thailand on October 5. MC has 668 cinemas in 110 cities in Thailand, and is the largest local cinema chain enterprise in Thailand. The cinema will open in February next year

the cinema LED is brighter and clearer than the previous cinema screen, and it can also show complete black. It also has another main feature, that is, the large screen can glow by itself without keeping the surrounding dark. In other words, this new way of broadcasting can not turn off all the lighting in the hall, but put children in the playroom or watch them while eating freely. At present, two cinemas in South Korea have adopted cinema LED equipment. They are the big world store of Seoul silkworm room in Lotte Cinema (July) and the "super s" store of CENTUM City store in Busan (September). This time, when it was exported to Thailand, it was the first time that cinema LEDs were sold overseas

bubalaro said, "in the future, we will actively cooperate with Samsung Electronics to provide a better viewing environment for the audience." Samsung Electronics plans to actively explore the cinema screen Market in Asia, the United States, Europe and other places

what impact does this have on the industry? You know, cinemas have been trying to change to digital projectors. This Samsung move can speed up cinemas to give up projectors. Of course, Samsung's 4khdrled screen Jinan experimental machine factory provides you with the following three points: it can improve the chromaticity contrast in the video, make white become whiter, black become darker, and watch the movie feel stronger. It is self-evident what advantages LEDs have compared with projection mode screens

the global film market has reached US $40billion. However, this market is increasingly eroded by home entertainment systems and services, such as giant TV screens, on-demand video and Dolby panoramic sound. For this market, the emergence of LED movie screens is a remarkable innovation

Samsung also stressed that this screen cinema is not the end, and corporate conferences, concerts and E-sports competitions will see its slow penetration. According to this trend, I really want to say goodbye to projectors. When projection products are thinking about the development of lighter and more portable, panel display devices have embarked on the road of larger and larger volume

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