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How can urgent plastic services live up to its name

if you need product prototypes or a small number of diverse parts urgently, urgent plastic services can produce them in only 2 to 4 weeks, while other companies take an average of 10 to 12 weeks. Urgent employs only 65 employees, but generates annual revenue of $12million to $15million, manufacturing about 1000 steel or aluminum prototype molds every year. David krajci, production director, said that the reason why such a small scale can have such a high output is to concentrate on solving the bottleneck constraints at each stage of the production process. This means streamlined device design, device manufacturing and molding

try our best to eliminate bottlenecks

"we have a highly organized production line system and adopt the distributed unit processing mode." Krajci said. The staff focused on one aspect, including computer-aided design, EDM, milling, finishing and assembly, molding and quality control. Urgent company will refine the pipelining operation to every point, so that there will not be too many problems when carrying out a new project. Krajci explained, "every employee knows our production capacity and organizational structure very well, because there will not be much change in the work of each step, so we can have higher productivity."

in order to complete a set of molds and product samples within 2 to 4 weeks, urban plastic services is equipped with more than 10 sets of CAD systems, 48 milling mills and 13 stamping injection machines

"the first thing is to be able to quickly read various CAD files sent by customers," krajci said. These files can be downloaded from the company's Internet FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site. Urgent has more than 10 different CAD programs, much more than most other companies. Many companies mainly consider cost and training factors, but urgent believes this step is critical. "We can convert any CAD file into step or IGES file, so that it can be imported into our CAD system for simulation mold design. We don't need to outsource these conversion and repair work, so we won't delay too much time in the production of Shandong Sida high-tech man-made board experimental machine in this step," krajci explained

the company has six full-time mold designers. "Other companies usually have only oneortwo designers, but we have an independent department. Everyone in the Department has good technical and theoretical knowledge, and new ideas often appear." Krajci added that at that time

urgent company also shows great advantages in making molds. Other mold manufacturers often queue up for tasks due to insufficient milling mills. Urgent has 6 graphite electrode EDM machines, 5 metal electrode power generation machines and 14 CNC milling machines, of which 4 high-speed milling machines are 15 times faster than other standard milling machines. Therefore, there is no need to wait in line for tasks, and different parts of each mold can be processed at the same time

urgent can also rely on the processing capacity of its two sister companies - Rochester Hills' 3D processing plant and Lapeer's urgent design and processing plant. There are 24 digital milling machines in these two places

in order to facilitate the data communication between tool design and processing and manufacturing, urgent company uses powershape CAD of Delcam company for design and PowerMILL CAM software for processing control. After milling, steel or aluminum tools are polished by a full-time precision machining employee, and then loaded onto one of the 13 injection stamping machines, ranging from 30 tons to 1500 tons. The stamping capacity of urgent can fully meet the production needs, and all machines are kept in the "ready" state, so that they can work immediately. The company usually operates 6 stamping machines during the day, each of which handles 3 tasks. The stamping machine uses the "master unit die" die mode, which can quickly replace the shaft core and cavity. It takes only 15-45 minutes for urgent to change a set of molds so that the scriber on the scale is always pressed on the test piece for minutes

production diversity

urgent mainly produces aluminum molds and brackets, and consumes about 350000 pounds of raw materials every year. However, urgent's biggest revenue comes from military steel tools, which are mainly used to treat engineering resins, such as carbonate, polyetherimide or peek. In terms of providing military products, urgent often not only casts prototypes, but also produces a large number of products, with a production capacity of 15 to 20000 pieces

urgent believes that accurate temperature control during the casting process is helpful to measure the precision and performance of product instruments. When dealing with military or other projects related to high-temperature resins, urgent uses hot oil casting temperature controllers and "paratherm he" heat transfer fluid produced by paratherm. "Parath plays an important role in guiding industry development, enhancing industry self-discipline, improving technical level, enhancing international exchange, expanding utilization cooperation, expanding publicity and promotion, etc. ERM he" has been used for five years without replacement, and there has been no fluid failure or siltation problem. (end)

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