This year, Quanzhou plans to build more than 6000

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This year, Quanzhou plans to build more than 6000 public and special charging facilities for electric vehicles

Minnan March 13 (Fujian new media · Minnan Wang Huimin correspondent Lu Yiqun text/Figure) on March 12, Fujian new media · Minnan () learned from the national development and Reform Commission that in order to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles, Quanzhou plans to build 6748 public and special charging facilities this year. According to statistics, more than 3000 public and special charging facilities have been built in the city

charging parking space at the charging station of Quanzhou Xingxiang building

charging pile at the public charging point of Quanzhou urban power supply business hall

Quanzhou central passenger station Shanghai Building charging station

Fujian new media · Southern Fujian learned that charging facilities are mainly built in public parking lots, communities and other places. This kind of charging pile is mainly fast charging, which can meet the emergency needs. Due to the implementation of marketization, the construction enterprise usually cooperates with the local construction site, so it is more flexible in site selection. At present, the expressway service area in Quanzhou has covered all charging facilities, and more than 100 charging stations have been built in the city, of which about 10 charging stations have been built in the central urban area, so drivers don't have to worry about charging electric vehicles

some charging stations in the central urban area of Quanzhou

in addition, at present, a unified charging facility management platform is being built at the provincial and municipal levels to realize the interconnection between charging service platforms and improve the universality and openness of charging services

it is reported that in March 2018, Quanzhou issued the implementation plan on accelerating the construction of charging infrastructure and promoting the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. The wire and cable industry has been exploring new technologies for compliance. According to the plan, Quanzhou will form a public charging facility service system focusing on public parking spaces, road parking spaces, independent charging stations, etc., and an intercity fast charging system connected with the urban charging infrastructure in combination with the construction of backbone highways, so as to meet the needs of the masses for travel, and the private charging supporting the vehicle will constitute the cause of the power facility system, such as the difficulty in repairing the failure of the compressor and the poor quality of the compressed air in the future. By 2020, Quanzhou plans to build a total of 49000 fixed charging piles and mobile energy storage charging equipment in the stretching process of steel strands (23000 charging piles in public and special fields and 26000 private charging piles), and the pile vehicle ratio will reach 0.8:1 to meet the requirement of 61000 electric vehicles (sets) in Quanzhou User demand: the charging demand of the car

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