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How does China's packaging machinery enter the foreign market?

since 1998, the Russian economy has recovered, and the market of packaging machinery, food processing machinery, printing machinery, plastic processing machinery and other light industrial machinery and equipment is heating up day by day. The production and supply capacity of these equipment in Russia is very weak, mainly relying on imports, so the market in this area is broad

at present, the products demanded by the Russian machinery market mainly include: all kinds of sealing machines, powder packaging machines, heat shrinkable packaging machines, tea packaging machines, fresh-keeping packaging machines, labeling machines, liquid packaging machines, automatic packaging machines, bulk packaging machines, sticky goods packaging machines, snack packaging machines, bottle blowing machines, disposable tableware production equipment, plastic shredders, paper cup molding machines, vacuum molding machines, four seal bag making machines, offset printing machines Business card machine, plastic granulator, sealing and cutting bag making machine, vacuum packaging machine, automatic continuous plastic suction machine, vacuum (inflatable) packaging machine, etc

the huge small machinery market in Russia attracts equipment manufacturers and dealers all over the world. In this regard, although developed countries are the first, compared with these countries, China's small equipment has an advantage in price, which is more suitable for the Russian market. It is more practical in the use of raw materials, application and operation, and has a lot of varieties, which is very suitable for the vast number of Russian small enterprises and self-employed who want to start a business

at present, one of the factors that seriously restrict the export of China's equipment to Russia is that there is no 195 PVC door and window transmission lock in Russia at present. There is a place dedicated to the exhibition and sale of China's small equipment. When buying equipment, Russian users generally need to see that the prototype actually has high elasticity and permeability, while most manufacturers are in the mainland of China, so it is extremely inconvenient to travel, In addition, many problems such as debugging and maintenance after purchase and supply of spare parts have increased difficulties for Russian customers who want to purchase Chinese equipment

How can Chinese machinery manufacturing enterprises enter the Russian small machinery market? First of all, select domestic manufacturers suitable for the conditions around the varieties of small equipment urgently needed in the Russian market. The exhibition hall of China's high-quality small machinery products can be set up at the Sino Russian border to show Russian users and agents the prototypes provided by production enterprises all year round. At the same time, select agents in key regions and major cities in Russia, establish and manage sales networks, facilities, publicity and promotion plans. The relationship between agents and manufacturers is that of overseas general agents. 5-carbon isoprene can be used to manufacture latex like rubber tree source

secondly, the marketing target market can be based in the Far East of Russia, face Siberia, and gradually radiate to Russia and Europe. Choose owners, small enterprises or medium-sized enterprises that need to update their equipment in operation as target customers. Products should be affordable, highlighting the characteristics of strong practicality and durability. Sales publicity can be carried out through advertising in traditional media, such as Russian newspapers and television stations, as well as through online promotions and participation in various fairs held in the Russian mainland

relevant Chinese enterprises should seize the opportunity to provide high-quality products to Russia in a timely manner. At the same time, pay attention to the timely feedback of consulting information from abroad in trade, but if it is used too frequently, important varieties should be provided with prototypes, which can be supplied in time after receiving orders, and assist manufacturers to establish a perfect customer management system, regularly follow-up visits, and do a good job in after-sales service

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