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How can unmanned aerial vehicles provide agricultural "ground truth"

early users of unmanned aerial vehicles seem to agree that agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles are a good tool for large-scale farming. However, a large number of current research data of the core material fire-resistant B1 thermal insulation material produced by the built-in sensors of the UAV, if not used on the same day, it is easy to be "submerged" in the memory storage space, resulting in problems that are difficult to manage

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people who heard the early adoption of drones mentioned that low altitude flight platforms equipped with multispectral sensors can obtain any high-resolution field data, including irrigation system performance and soil maps, which tell growers where and when to apply fertilizer. These early adopters seem to agree that agricultural UAVs are a good tool for large-scale farming, including large-scale cultivators who need to pay close attention to thousands of acres of irrigated land, or farmers of high-value crops, such as vineyard and orchard managers. Drew, the business development manager of micasense, an expert in sensors and data analysis of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles, is also increasing the proportion of renewable energy. Baustian said: we see more development potential in that market. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

large cultivators can obtain land related sensing data from commercial pilots or readily available commercial satellite images. The latter provides a wide range of information, but it is not subtle enough, and the manned aircraft must be booked in advance. Proponents of drones point out that when farmers need field data, they can fly at low altitude instead of waiting in line with all other farmers to conduct field surveys after heavy rains. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

unlike aircraft or satellites, drones are equipped with thermal and multispectral sensors that can be photographed under clouds. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

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(image source: micasense) cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

micasense in Seattle launched a dedicated multispectral image sensor for UAV, which operates in five spectral bands together with a basic thermal sensor. Baustian claims that its resolution is sufficient to provide grower leaf and plant data for phenotyping. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

catch up with the trend of drones

Justin Metz's family in the central San Joaquin Valley in California owns 12000 acres of land. They caught up with the trend of agricultural drones very early. Although some skeptics can't see the rapid return of investing in this technology, Metz said that he has gradually become skillful in the operation of drones. Through experience and learning, he learned how to make drones a useful planting tool in California, a place full of large farms. The planting species include tomatoes, vegetables and cotton. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

once farmers think about how to use these soil and water maps, they will be able to obtain a lot of useful information. Large agricultural equipment manufacturers like John Deere allow users to easily collect and wirelessly transmit the field status data obtained by these UAVs or ground sensors. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

like baustian, Metz mentioned the flexibility of drones. You can launch the drone at any place you want without arranging flights with the pilot. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

metz mentioned that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for soil map analysis, in order to understand the nutrient content of different crops, and make better judgments when to apply fertilizers or pesticides. Metz said that soil mapping can also identify clay and sandy soil, so that growers can optimize the irrigation network to ensure that there is enough water, rather than excessive water, especially in impermeable clay. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

thermal sensors can also confirm crop moisture and which land dries fastest. These data help to plan the harvest progress, and help to confirm the required machines, the relative difficulty of harvesting specific crops, and even the amount of harvest required by machine operators in a specific land based on past experience. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

about data management

metz transmits most of the field data to John Deere operation center through the app of UAV. UAV itself will produce a large amount of data, so data management becomes critical. AG UAV users need to access the field data immediately after collecting it, preferably on the same day, otherwise these data will soon be flooded by a long string of unnamed files. Although the images are geotagged, these files must be pieced together from memory. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

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early adopters of agricultural UAVs love its convenience, but it is difficult to manage the current situation on the ground generated by sensors, although they still face competition data from other materials. They suggest using low and slow methods, starting from a small range. (data source: association of unmanned vehicles systems) cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

as for the return on investment (ROI), Metz suggests that the operation of agricultural UAVs should start from a single area on a small scale, and then expand to the collection of field data. He suggested: at the beginning, do what you can. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

he continued, looking for drooping fruits to speed up investment recovery. The proposed scheme is to set thermal sensors on Ag UAV to reduce water loss as much as possible. In this way, the cost saved may be enough to level the investment cost of drones, sensors and data management. Cogeetc Electronic Engineering album

finally, Metz mentioned that satellite images can be used for large-scale regional monitoring, while UAVs use low altitude and slow methods for more detailed monitoring. Cogeetc- Electronic Engineering album

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