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How to solve the problem of difficult employment in Wenzhou printing enterprises

in recent years, difficult employment has become a major problem for printing enterprises. In Zhejiang, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises has been plagued by several major problems, such as labor shortage, power shortage, land shortage, capital shortage, price shortage and cost. It is difficult for Wenzhou Indian enterprises to survive. The problem of labor shortage has also become increasingly prominent. Every year, just after the Spring Festival, the talent market and labor market flourish, but unlike in the past, due to the relative error expression of measurement results, enterprises are eager to recruit people here, while applicants there are not in a hurry. Such a game believes that the result is self-evident. But in any case, the current urgent need still needs to be solved by all means. Then, what is the root of the problem in the growth period? The author concludes that the most fundamental guidance is that the fundamental problem (or called the final problem) is the problem of decision makers

the difficulty of employment is related to the supply and demand of talent market, labor market and industry employment. When the manpower supply is tight, we should adopt the policy of educating and retaining people; When the supply exceeds the demand, we should consider the reasonable employment and retention policies. This is the strategy for enterprises to reduce turnover rate and employment difficulties. In fact, for employees who have both professional expertise and working ability and good professional ethics; At any time, it is the focus of the enterprise's employment policy

Wenzhou printing enterprises try their best to solve the problem of difficult employment. In response to this topic, they visited the following enterprises

gangfa company: the first to promote full-time labor joint-stock system

recently, Zhejiang gangfa flexible packaging Co., Ltd. launched a full-time labor joint-stock system measure, which allows employees to enjoy dividends like enterprise shareholders, thus greatly stimulating employees' enthusiasm and creativity, which is the first case in Wenzhou

it is reported that Zhejiang gangfa flexible packaging Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the production of flexible packaging in Wenzhou, with more than 300 employees. On the one hand, orders are pouring in, and on the other hand, it is increasingly difficult to recruit workers. In order to make employees stable for a long time, the company's top management took great pains. They proposed that if ordinary employees can enjoy dividends every year like shareholders, can this stimulate the enthusiasm of employees and stabilize the enterprise team? Therefore, the top management of the company reached a consensus and launched this full-time labor joint-stock measure from this year, so that employees can truly become the owners of the enterprise

it is understood that by enjoying dividends, enterprises bind the interests of employees with the development of the company. The two are closely related, which makes employees feel more belonging. In the face of recruitment problems, the sharing of labor and capital interests with shareholders' dividends as the link is becoming a new employment concept of some private enterprises in our county. The enterprise has formulated various measures to give and reward shares to employees, which means that employees can get benefit dividends in addition to wages every year. After tasting the taste of being a boss, employees no longer feel that they are just working for the enterprise, but work with the enterprise to make their career bigger and stronger, which strengthens their belief in working hard and taking root in the enterprise

Shuguang printing industry: use warm-hearted measures to solve the problem of labor shortage

in order to stabilize production, retain employees and avoid the passive situation of difficult recruitment, Shuguang printing industry group took the initiative to take warm-hearted measures such as reimbursement of one-way travel expenses of foreign employees, payment of wages of all employees during the Spring Festival holiday, and rewards for successful employment of relatives and friends of fellow villagers in advance, and achieved remarkable results. Every year, the Spring Festival transportation will face problems such as difficult to buy tickets and expensive tickets, and employees hope to go home early, but the company can only determine the holiday time according to the implementation of production orders. How to coordinate the conflict between the two? How can we make employees work at ease? Years ago, after the research of the company's senior management, three measures were introduced: first, one-way travel expense reimbursement for foreign employees; Second, all employees' wages are paid as usual during the Spring Festival holiday; Third, those who return to the factory after the festival to introduce their relatives, friends and fellow countrymen to apply for successful employment will be given a cash reward of yuan/person. It is estimated that the introduction of these three measures will increase the company's expenses by nearly 200000. However, after the implementation of the measures, the employees felt reassured. Many fewer employees went home in advance, and most of them were able to stay in the factory and work at ease until the holiday. After the new year, most of the employees were able to report back to the factory on time, and some employees also introduced relatives and friends to apply for jobs. In this way, the production and operation of the company can basically maintain normal operation. With a stable staff, the production and operation of the enterprise will have the most powerful guarantee. According to the production department, at present, the company's production orders have been placed three months later, which makes a good start for the company's business development this year

According to CAI Xuetao, deputy general manager of Sanxin printing materials Co., Ltd., the general agent of a number of equipment in Taiwan, from 2010 to 2011 alone, Wenzhou introduced more than 100 Taiwan prepress and Postpress automation high-end equipment. These equipment are expensive, ranging from hundreds of thousands of yuan to 23 million yuan, The production of these equipment has injected new vitality into the development of Wenzhou printing industry and played a positive role in realizing the automation of printing industry in Wenzhou. Wenzhou Longgang printing industry is well-known in the industry as China's Printing City, but the meager profit of the printing industry is also recognized in the industry. In addition, in recent years, the price of raw materials, personnel wages, freight and other rising, the development of the printing industry is difficult. Due to the unexpected encounter with the financial crisis since 2009, some small enterprises have been forced to transform or close down, and highly competitive enterprises have begun to make an effort to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. As a result, intelligent high-end post press equipment has attracted the attention of business owners. With the production of the first batch of equipment, some enterprises have tasted the benefits of introducing automation equipment, which has driven the sales of high-end post press equipment in Shanghai and Taiwan in Longgang. Fukang group, Xinya group, Zhejiang Zhongyi, Huatai printing, Liugui group and other leading enterprises have once again played a leading role in technological innovation

according to the current situation of the printing industry in Longgang, the demand for post printing automation equipment such as film covering, die cutting, box pasting and bookbinding is promising because the post printing labor cost is relatively large. Therefore, Sanxin Materials Co., Ltd. has been able to independently develop and produce high-speed automatic chain blanking machine, high-speed pin machine, high-speed pipe rolling machine, roller 5-position cold heading machine, high-speed chain automatic assembly line with Chinese characteristics A series of advanced, efficient and practical special equipment for chain making and testing, such as multi station flat top chain automatic forming and assembly line, mesh belt furnace automatic heat treatment line, high-speed wear-resistant testing machine and new fatigue testing machine, have made a comprehensive investigation on the cost performance of products, and rationally guided local enterprises to introduce appropriate products in combination with their own reality. In the spirit of being responsible for customers, San soft materials are selected at a higher speed. Xin printing materials have also communicated with Taiwan Printing Association and industry experts for many times to jointly discuss the comprehensive performance of automation equipment, so as to realize the replacement of manpower with machines in Longgang area, so as to solve the difficulties faced by labor-intensive enterprises. At present, some enterprises in Longgang area, represented by Longgang, have tasted the benefits of post press automation equipment after it is put into operation, Many enterprises ended the history of recruiting famous general workers after a number of die-cutting machines and box pasting machines were in place

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