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Kujiale Wu Kailiang: how to use artificial intelligence technology to make customized furniture designers stronger

kujiale Wu Kailiang: how to use artificial intelligence technology to make customized furniture designers stronger

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original title: kujiale Wu Kailiang: how to use artificial intelligence technology to make customized furniture designers stronger

(Wu Kailiang, vice president of kujiale)

sharing guest introduction: Wu Kailiang graduated from Zhu Kezhen College of Zhejiang University, master of Massachusetts Institute of technology, and studied under Charlie fine, a master of supply chain. Worked in Amazon and Kiva system for nearly 6 years, responsible for the design of the core automation system of the logistics center

Is the emergence of AI technology used to replace customized designers, or is it better to integrate and help designers become more powerful

recently, Wu Kailiang, vice president of kujiale, made a speech at the thousand people summit of the "third international home networking leader", which cleared the clouds for the industry


what will remain unchanged in the next ten years

Amazon CEO Bezos' words impressed Wu Kailiang: many enterprises will pay attention to what changes will happen in the next decade, and then worry about the impact of these changes, but in fact, an enterprise should pay attention to what will not change in the next decade

from this perspective, customers always want cheaper goods, faster delivery, or in other words, more, faster, better and cheaper. As long as home furnishing enterprises continue to invest resources in these core ideas that will never change and increase promotion, opportunities must exist in the future

it is precisely based on this business philosophy that Amazon is today

through the case of Amazon, looking back at our customized furniture industry, we can also think about what will not change in the next ten years

I have noticed that many leaders in the home furnishing industry have expressed such views on different occasions: only enterprises can continue to invest in aspects such as better design, better quality products and better home experience, can such customized enterprises survive in the ever-changing market

in other words, no matter how the customization industry changes in the next decade, the "better design, better quality, better home experience" will not change, which is also the fundamental reason why customization enterprises can become stronger and bigger


ai technology how to coexist with designers

kujiale is a VR intelligent interior design platform based on distributed parallel computing and multimedia data mining

through exacloud cloud rendering technology and the research and development of cloud design, BIM, VR, AR, AI and other technologies, the effect drawing is generated in 10 seconds and the decoration scheme is generated in 5 minutes

since 2017, we have empowered kujiale's strong technical capabilities to the customized furniture industry

our whole house customization software develops the most creative and professional design functions in the industry from 0 to 1, so as to help custom furniture enterprises output "better design"

speaking of this, friends in the industry, especially designers, may think that kujiale's whole house custom design software is used to replace designers

our original intention is never to replace designers, but to help designers become more powerful through AI technology

looking back at the application of AI technology in various fields, we will find that in the past few industrial revolutions, the role of human will never be replaced, but will only be focused on the ability to maximize value

ai technology will only help "designers" become more powerful, and it is impossible to replace "people". We can watch a video to better understand the relationship between "AI technology" and designers

from the above video, we can see that AI technology can make the work efficiency of customized designers faster

because customized designers need to involve a wide range of knowledge, such as: space, collocation, color, lighting and other skills that hardbound designers need to have, as well as knowledge of product technology, consumer psychology and so on

as a new customization designer, customization enterprises need training for several months to cultivate an excellent customization designer and generate practical benefits for enterprises

the training threshold of designers has become one of the important constraints on the productivity improvement of customized enterprises, such as scraping the sheet metal carelessly. Based on the above industry phenomenon, kujiale is committed to how to help enterprises speed up the training of customized designers and reduce the employment threshold of designers through the latest technical means such as AI


how to "empower" designers and make them stronger?

share a set of small data with you: in the first half of 2018, kujiale's whole house custom design software grew rapidly at a rate of more than 100%. Behind the growth of speed, it shows that our products really hit the pain point of custom designers and the pain point of the industry. Kujiale's whole house design software can really help them better "Output design"

1. Kool VR three-dimensional display scheme

we have developed Kool VR whole house customized interactive experience products. With the help of VR equipment, owners can experience the functions of switching lights, opening doors, cutting fruits, and even switching styles, replacing materials, and adding shopping carts in virtual scenes

originally, the owner can only understand the design works through plane or 3D. Now, through Kool VR tool, the owner can experience the future home in advance

at present, our Kool VR has cooperated with Taobao panoramic VR

2. Plug in the "external brain" for designers

the "Ai Ai design" function we developed is just like that for designers. It can be used like a USB flash disk

what it realizes is: Based on the kitchen scene, it uses AI technology for in-depth learning and automatic recognition, comprehensively considers factors such as building obstacles and living lines, and automatically recommends the layout of various schemes that meet the design requirements and are reasonable at the same time

this includes A-shaped, L-shaped and so on. Users can complete the layout with one click

for shopping guide designers, this will greatly improve efficiency. They can quickly complete the display of the scheme with simple operations and seize the attention of store customers

design is an industry combining sensibility and rationality. We are committed to integrating these two abilities through AI

at present, we have carried out in-depth cooperation with customized furniture enterprises in the home industry, which are deeply engaged in lifestyle, ethology and ergonomics, to explore intelligent design

future design is situational and experiential. As long as customers input personal information such as their preferences and family status, artificial intelligence can also distinguish between different companies, and can recommend styles and products that meet customers' preferences according to users' big data analysis and in-depth learning

3. Let excellent designers "separate"

as a productivity tool for designers, we hope that while helping designers become better themselves, we can also empower their productivity to other designers, and let their personal wisdom help more people

so we say that we can help the designer complete his personal separation through new productivity tools, so that his ability can be copied to others, and he can have a natural assistant to help him have the right diameter to use samples for design decisions and analysis

how do we do it

kujiale has the rapid reuse of real model rooms, which is widely used by excellent designers. Through the way of hand-painted house type recognition, we enable some non digital data to be applied by tools. At the same time, we launch new functions through semantic analysis and speech recognition, so that the core demand information of designers and owners in the process of conversation can be recorded as the input of intelligent engine

4. The integrated solution of front and rear end docking

in order to make it truly valuable, excellent design works need to be "produced" and sent to thousands of households in order to truly give play to the value of "design"

taking design as the entrance, kujiale has created an open and cooperative platform, which realizes the interconnection and docking with industry software and equipment through open data and interfaces, and enables customized enterprises to digitize, automate, and intelligentize. The connection between the oil suction pipe and the suction port of the hydraulic pump should be sealed and well produced. Up to now, kujiale has connected with a number of well-known production software at home and abroad to realize the seamless connection between design and production, and create an integrated solution for front-end and rear-end docking

personal view: AI design will not exist independently, it needs to be closely coordinated with the production process. Only AI design that can be produced on the ground can be called an effective design scheme

in the future, AI design and unmanned factory will form a close closed-loop connection, which will liberate the productivity of the front and rear end of the industry and give full play to the efficiency of digitalization

in the process of design, the design materials will be optimized in real time according to the production situation, and the workshop can also understand the changes in terminal marketing in advance, so as to make preparations in advance

more importantly, the process of product research and development will become more agile. Any new research and development can be quickly put into the market for testing and iteration, and the system behind it can respond quickly


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