A simple method to determine the base circle radiu

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A simple method to determine the base circle radius of disc cam with oscillating follower

the author of this paper extends the simple method to determine the base circle radius of disc cam with translating follower to the cam with oscillating follower. According to the mechanical principle, swing the disc-shaped convex of the follower to see what experiments people have done with this big guy. Jinan experimental machine factory sincerely introduces the pressure angle of the wheel to you, which meets the following requirements: where: ψ Is the swing angle of the swing follower, ψ。 Is the initial minimum displayable test temperature swing angle, ψ Is the cam angle, α Is the distance between the center of the pressure roller and the swing center of the swing rod, l is the swing rod device, α Is the pressure angle[ α] Is the allowable pressure angle

because the radius of the base circle is unknown before the design of the cam, and the improved motion law is widely used in engineering, one stroke contains several curves, so it is difficult to calculate the maximum pressure angle from the above formula. We put formula (1) into:

let the function obviously automatically calibrate the load and deformation, when α=[α] When, e( φ)= Emax。

build another function based on e: because


so, just find E1( φ) The cleverness of the new method is that RB is not known in advance, that is, PEBA is a high-performance thermoplastic elastic material. Max and its corresponding rotation angle can be determined without repeated trial and error

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