Determination of capillary absorption height of th

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Determination of capillary absorption height of paper and paperboard

this standard adopts iso8787 "determination of capillary absorption height of paper and paperboard Kreme method"

1 subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the method of measuring the capillary absorption height of paper and paperboard by Kreme method

this standard is applicable to unglued paper and paperboard, not to paper or paperboard with capillary absorption height less than 5mm within 10min

2 reference standard

gb/t450 paper and paperboard samples

gb/t10739 pulp, paper and paperboard sample treatment and test standard atmosphere

3 instruments and reagents

3.1 this standard uses a kliem tester with a scale length of 200mm and a scale graduation value of 1mm

3.2 stopwatch: readable to 1 s

3.3 reagent for test: distilled water or deionized water, or other solutions required by product standards

4 sample taking, preparation and treatment

samples shall be taken according to gb/t450. Cut the sample into strips with a width of 150.5mm and a length of 250mm, and there are 5 strips in the vertical and horizontal directions respectively

the above cut samples shall be treated according to gb/t10739 and tested under the specified conditions

5 test steps

5 It will increase the demand for biomedical materials; The increase of trauma of middle-aged and young people caused by the development of transportation and sports; Continuous economic growth 1 place the sample strip flat on a glass plate and draw a straight line qb/t 2133 ⑼ 5 of PVC-U extruded profile for interior decoration perpendicular to the length direction at 205mm from one end. If other immersion depths are used, the distance between this line and the end point should be extended accordingly. Then clamp the sample on the paper holder so that the horizontal line is aligned with the 200mm scale of the scale

5.2 after clamping the sample, gently put down the beam of the paper gripper to vertically insert the paper strip into the liquid at 201 C or 231 C for 5mm, and at the same time, start the stopwatch to measure the time required for the liquid level to rise a certain distance along the sample or the height of the liquid level to rise within a certain time. Generally, it is expressed by the rising height within 10min and 3S, or expressed in s/mm

5.3 when reading the number, pay attention to read the rising height of the liquid to 1mm, and the time required for the liquid to rise to a certain distance to seconds

5.4 if there are special requirements, the liquid absorption time shall be specified in the product standard

5.5 if the wetting line inclines or bends when the liquid rises, the results should be read according to the average height. When the absorption rates of the inner and outer layers of multilayer paperboard are different, the results are expressed by the average value

5.6 insert the length of the paper strip in the reducing liquid of some existing blocks, which can be extended appropriately according to the product standard or other requirements, but it should be noted in the test report

5.7 if the sample is curled, a small clip can be hung at the lower end of the sample. The quality of the clip selected can ensure that the sample is vertically inserted into the liquid without stretching or breaking it when the sample is wet

5.8 precision: the precision of this test should reach the repeatability of 10%, and the reproducibility of the same sample should be 20%

6 test report

the test report shall include the following contents:

a. the number of this standard

b. name and requirements of test liquid

c. mean value of longitudinal and transverse test results, expressed in mm/10min, mm/s or s/mm, to 1mm or s

d. coefficient of variation of test results

e. discrepancies with this standard

additional notes:

this standard is proposed by the Ministry of light industry of the people's Republic of China

this standard is under the jurisdiction of and drafted by the Scientific Research Institute of paper industry of the Ministry of light industry

this standard replaces the second part of capillary in gb/t, which can be used as a reference for users to determine the absorption rate of the warning tube

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