Determination of Borneol in Chinese patent medicin

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Determination of Borneol in Chinese patent medicine by gas chromatography Abstract: a gas chromatographic method for the determination of Borneol in Chinese patent medicine capsules in a pharmaceutical factory was established by using n-dodecane as internal standard and ov 101 quartz glass capillary column. Compared with the work of Zhang Youliang (1994) and Liu Bainian (1984), it not only greatly saves the deformation resistance of materials, improves the release time after analysis and cleaning, but also has better separation effect. The reproducibility of the determination results is good, the standard deviation is s=0.40, and the average recovery is as high as 99.0%. When the concentration ratio of internal standard and borneol is 1:0.3 ~ 1:1.5, the peak area is linear with the concentration, and the correlation coefficient is r=0.9997

key words: gas chromatography; Chinese patent medicine; Borneol Zhongtu classification number: o657.7, but the team has high hopes for its future prospects 1; O

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