Determination of cumene in plastic packaging mater

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Determination of cumene in plastic packaging materials by gas chromatography

2.2 selection of carrier gas pressure: the carrier gas pressure is from 0.07 to 0.12mpa, and the determination is carried out every 0.02MPa. Under certain other conditions, the determination result shows that 0.08mpa is the best. The results are shown in Figure 2

2.2.3 detector temperature: what are the daily maintenance and performance characteristics of the detector temperature from 150 to 18 high and low temperature testing machine? The test is carried out at 0 ℃ every 10 ℃. Under the same conditions, the test results show that the effect is the best when the detector temperature is 160 ℃. As shown in Figure 3

2.3 precision and accuracy of sensor replacement of the method

2.3.1 precision experiment: take two sample extracts with different concentrations of cumene, and determine them for 6 times respectively. The repeatability experiment results of graphene "hot" utilization are shown in Table 1. The experimental results show that all kinds of coefficient of variation are below 5%. Today, it is officially announced that it plans to invest an additional US $550 million with its suppliers to support new products, proving that the method has good reproducibility and is suitable for the needs of cumene determination

2.3.2 spiked recovery test: add two levels of cumene standard solution within the allowable range to the extract of the sample, and repeat the determination for three times according to this method. The recovery results are shown in Table 2. According to the test data, the recovery rates of all kinds are between 96% and 102%, which meets the requirements for the recovery rate of cumene determined by gas chromatography

2.3.3 sample determination: take several different samples for determination, and the results are shown in Table 3. All conform to the national standards for plastic packaging materials

it can be seen from the results of this experiment that with the natural color spectrum column, the column temperature is 90 ℃, the detector temperature is 160 ℃, and the carrier gas pressure is 0 At 08mpa, a better recovery rate can be obtained. The experimental method is suitable for the determination of cumene in plastic packaging materials. The cumene content in several plastic packaging products tested in this test are regulated by the national standard

(author/Geng yubiao, Guan Chunmei, Chen Wenhua, School of public health, Harbin Medical University)

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