Determination of chromium and nickel in stainless

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Determination of chromium and nickel in stainless steel by element analyzer

6:nano2 (5%)

7: diphenyl hydrazine solution (0.5%): weigh 4G of phthalic anhydride, dissolve it in a small amount of anhydrous ethanol, add 0.5g of diphenyl hydrazine, measure the force with a load sensor, dilute the ethanol to 100ml, shake it well, and store it in a brown bottle

8: ammonium chloride solution (5%)

9: ammonium citrate solution (50%)

10: iodine solution (0.1N):12.7g iodine, add 25g potassium iodide and dissolve it with water, dilute it to 1000ml

11: ammoniacal butanediol solution (0.1%): ammonia water (1+1) preparation

12: hydrochloric acid (1+1)

II. Analysis operation

weigh 20mg of sample into a 125ml conical flask, add 5ml "hydrochloric acid and 5ml perchloric acid, heat it at low temperature, dissolve it, emit perchloric acid smoke to the mouth of the bottle at medium temperature, cool it slightly, add 20ml water (heat it slightly) to dissolve salts, cool it to room temperature, dilute it to 100ml volumetric flask, dilute it to the scale with water, and shake it well

III. determination of various elements

I. determination of chromium (25%)

take 3ml of test solution into a 250ml conical flask, add 10ml of sulfur phosphorus mixed acid, and drop potassium permanganate solution (5%) to show red 3 The experimental error meets the national standard color, heating and boiling, cooling with running water, adding 10ml of urea solution, dropping NaNO2 (5%)

make the red just fade away, shake well, add 70ml of water, add 5ml of diphenyl hydrazine solution (0.5%), place it to obtain the signal for 1min (+10s), add 10ml of ammonium chloride, shake well, and measure the content on ty-bsy2 element analyzer

II. Determination of nickel (30%)

take 10ml of test solution into a 150ml conical flask, add two drops of hydrochloric acid (1+1), add 70ml of water, 5ml of ammonium citrate, 3ml of iodine solution, 20ml of ammoniacal butane solution, shake well, and measure the content on ty-bsy2 element analyzer

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